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Our Organization offers T-ball to Kindergarten aged boys and girls and a more advanced Rookie League, "coach-pitch” program for 1st and 2nd graders. 


The baseball program transitions from more of a learning environment to one where runs are counted and team standings kept as players reach the Minor League (grades 3 and 4), Major League (grades 5 and 6 ), and the Suburban League (grades 7 through 9.)


Our philosophy behind our spring baseball program (for grades 3 - 9) is to attempt to establish parity among teams by grade in the draft selection process. Teams are formed around a player draft that relies on an independent skill evaluation of each player. While anyone registering for the program will be assigned to a team, teams are selected based on matching as closely as possible the skill sets of players to promote even competition among the teams.  

Summit Middle School boys in grades 7 and 8 are eligible to try out for our 7th or 8th grade spring travel teams.  Players tryout and the "paid" coaches select a roster from the Suburban League to play competitive baseball.  The 7th grade team is enrolled in a 13U travel league and the 8th grade team develops a competitive schedule playing against other middle school teams within our area.  While these programs are coordinated, managed and funded by our organization, they are designed to be "feeder" programs for the high school baseball program.


Travel Baseball programs are run for competitive teams in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  Participation in these programs is based on available leagues and coaching. Travel Baseball is an adjunct program to the Rec Program.  Rec program commitments are prioritized over travel commitments with the exception of the Middle School Team.  Our approach to team selection changes for our travel programs. Each year over 200 players participate in the competitive summer leagues. The Summer League program starts in mid-June and continues until the end of July. Player commitment and team selection is markedly different in Travel Baseball. Teams are chosen on a competitive basis and players are expected to fully commit to the programs.   



Girls Softball 

The girls softball program has been growing each year. Summit’s teams have partnered with neighboring towns in a girls softball program where games are played in both Summit, Madison and Chatham. The team selection philosophy is similar to the baseball program, in that teams are selected with as much parity as possible in an effort to keep the program exciting and enjoyable for the girls.