Granby Little LeagueP.O. Box 115Granby, CT 06035



ARRIVE: 30 Minutes before game time & get your gear together

COMPLETE: Your Game Form and introduction to the Umpire Advocate.

PRE-GAME (15 minutes before game time):

1. Introduce yourself to both Managers (get plate brush & indicator)

ï‚· Ask: "Who is not eligible to pitch today?" & "Is everyone equipped appropriately?"

ï‚· Inspect bats for LL approval stickers (remove those without stickers from the dugouts)

2. Pregame Meeting (both Managers & Umpire Advocate)

ï‚· Review playing field ground rules (fair/foul territory)

ï‚· Review Player ground rules:

o All offensive players on field wear helmets

o Helmeted offensive player on deck retrieves bats

o Only lead-off batter swings a bat at the start of the inning (no on-deck)

ï‚· Review Manager/Coach ground rules:

o No arguing judgment calls (ball/strike, fair/foul, safe/out, etc.)

o Do not leave the dugout until time-out is granted

o Only the Manager can discuss calls with the umpire (not assistant coaches)

3. Give the Game Form to the Umpire Advocate and Play Ball!

Infield Fly:

- Less than 2 outs/runners on 1st & 2nd or bases loaded

- Fair fly ball that can be caught with ordinary effort in the infield

- You call, "Infield Fly, batter is out!" or "Infield Fly if Fair!"

Offensive Interference

- Runner interferes in any way with the fielder attempting to field the ball

- You call "Dead Ball. Interference. Runner is out!"

- With offensive interference you must always call at least one runner out


- Fielder not in possession of the ball impedes the progress of any runner

- Let the play finish, call time out and say, "I’ve got obstruction by _____"

- Award the obstructed runner the base they would have gotten had obstruction not happened


- Thrown ball leaves the playing field (over or under the fence, in the dugout, under backstop)

- Ball is dead

- Award bases on where runners were at the time of the overthrow:

ï‚· Throw from pitcher: 1 base

ï‚· Throw from all others: 2 bases