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Canton Juniors Spring Softball League

Playing Rules



The following rules are for the Canton Little League Softball Juniors 10U Division. These were reviewed and agreed on by various members of the CLL board of directors. Our goal is to teach the rules of softball that are used at the 10U level in order to form a strong base that can be built upon in future play.  The focus is not on winning at this level.  The focus is on developing softball skills and knowledge of the game as well as providing a positive experience in being part of a team.  Most importantly – HAVE FUN.


Participation, play, equipment and field requirements will all be in accordance with the ASA “2019 Participation Manual: Official Rules of Softball” with the following exceptions or noted points of emphasis:



Regular Season Rules:

  1. 35-foot distance from back point of home plate to front edge of the pitching rubber.
  2. 11” ball to be used.
  3. Games are 6 innings.
  4. No new inning after 1 hour and 30 minutes and games must end after 2 hours of play.
    1. If there is no winner after last inning played, the score reverts to the previous inning. For example, Team A (home team) is up 11-4 on Team B (away team) after 4 innings and you start the 5th inning at the 1 hour and 25-minute mark. Team B bats first and scores 8 runs since it is unlimited. Unfortunately, this takes 30 minutes and Team A is not able to bat (or it takes 20 minutes and Team A is up but is unable to finish the inning or get the go-ahead run in time), the score would then be entered based on the 4th inning score of 11-4.
  5. Teams play with 10 defensive fielders, in which case four must be outfielders (must be positioned on outfield grass/area.)
  6. Each player present and able to play will bat in continuous, consecutive batting order. (Free defensive substitution).
  7. If a player must leave the game for any reason, that spot in the batting order is skipped without an automatic out being charged; unless the reason for leaving is ejection (automatic out recorded for ejection).
  8. 4-runs/inning rule is in effect. A team’s time at bat will end after that team scores 4 runs in an inning. In the last regulation inning or last inning as determined by the umpire subject  to the time limit, a team may score as many runs as possible before their third out is declared. The umpire will inform both coaches at the start of an ‘unlimited run’ inning.
  9. Infield fly rule is not in effect.
  10. Batter may not advance on dropped third strike
  11. No continuous walk, batter may only advance one base (to first base) when awarded a base on balls.
  12. Stealing is allowed from 1st to 2nd base and 2nd to 3rd base.  (No advancing from 3rd to home on a WP/PB)
  13. No slashing (clear intent to fake a bunt, then pulling back to swing for a hit).  Slapping and drag bunting are allowed.
  14. Games will start once scheduled time occurs.  If players arrive late, they will be added to the end of the batting order and enter the game accordingly.
  15. Players must slide OR avoid contact when running the bases.  Umpire has sole discretion in this area. If by avoiding contact a base runner runs out of base path, then an out is charged.
  16. Courtesy runners may be used for pitcher and/or catcher. Courtesy runner will be the player who made the last out
  17. Batters and base runners must wear approved helmets with face guard.
  18. Pitcher shall be removed from the game after directly hitting 3 batters in an inning or 4 in the course of a game (bounced pitches do not count).
  19. Pitchers can pitch a maximum of 3 consecutive innings per game and cannot return once a new pitcher has started.
  20. All pitchers MUST wear a face mask.
  21. All other rules as per ASA Participation Manual.


Playoff Rules:  Playoff rules will be the same as the regular season rules with the following exceptions/additions:

  1. Teams must have a minimum of 8 players to start and finish the game.  If a team cannot field 8 players, it will result in a forfeit for that team.
  2. No time limit on Championship game(s). 


General Information:

  • Wins and losses will not be recorded during the regular season, no standings kept.
  • Playoffs will be a double elimination bracket format.  Initial pairings will be drawn at random.

Umpire Information:

  • The umpires are KIDS who are trying to do their best. There is a lot of pressure on them to do a good job. Do not yell at the umpires!! If you feel they missed a call, talk to them in between innings and then fill out the evaluation form after the game.
  • Fill out umpire evaluation forms. This really helps us to work with the umpires to improve the game.
  • The umpires MUST wear the face mask or they don’t get paid. Please remind them that they need to have the mask. (umpire equipment is located in the field houses with the bases)