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NBJGAA Volunteer Participation

NBJGAA is a 100% volunteer organization. There is no pay, the hours can be long, and the commitment and effort sometimes goes unrecognized.  There are very few prerequisites, and in the end there is only the satisfaction that you have played a role in helping young people reach their dreams. The goals are common and simple: to provide the young football and cheer athletes with a positive experience that will give them lasting memories, personal development and characteristics that will enhance their life including the experience, knowledge and understanding of commitment, self-discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity and scholastics.

To volunteer is to give and it is our fundamental belief that you must give to get in life.  There are hundreds of jobs that need to be done during the course of the season involving thousands of hours of time. The system works best if more people give a little bit rather than a few people giving until they drop.  It is important that everyone help to make the program the best it can be.  For some it will be simply having their athlete to the venue on time … they are consumed by other aspects of their life. Others will donate insatiably … they have a burning passion for their athletes, youth sports, and the quality of life in Northern Burlington.  The key to success lies in the many others that can give a few hours here and there to make sure that the job is done and done right.  We are better off having you assist part time than not volunteering at all. Get involved!

You can volunteer your time for your team and the overall program in many ways. Some options for volunteer service are outlined below.  Again, it takes many hands to provide a quality experience for our young football and cheer athletes. As a result, we ask parents (or other representatives) of each player to donate items to concession stand and, 2 hours mandatory concession crew hours (see below).

We also appreciate and need financial assistance.  Parents may choose to pay $100 at the time of registration instead of completing their volunteer hours.  Otherwise, parents must provide a $100 volunteer deposit. This deposit must be in the form of a check. Volunteer deposit checks will not be cashed. If you meet your volunteer hours requirement during the season, your volunteer deposit check will be returned at the end of the season (equipment turn-in).

If you are volunteering your time, we will try to accommodate your preferences so please indicate the activity/activities with which you would like help out with during your registration.

You can also donate to the program a specific sum for us to purchase a specific piece of equipment such as something for the concession stand, field equipment, coaching equipment, i.e. – a sled, storage shed, etc, or a general donation to help the cause. You will either be given great public acknowledgement for your generosity, or complete anonymity – the choice is yours. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Whether you donate time, money, or both – you assistance is vital to the success of the program.



Concessions Crew
Do you love the smell of a hotdogs and walking tacos? Do you want first dibs on the latest Greyhound gear? Or maybe you just like brewing a great cup of coffee! We need parents for one 2-3 hour shift to help staff our concessions stand for each team's home game. Proceeds from the stand help pay for our officials and improved equipment.

Field Set-up / Breakdown
When you get to a new field do you say to yourself -- "Well, where are we supposed to sit?". We need parents to setup & breakdown ropes for the spectator’s area. These helpers will also setup & breakdown the field markers for the game. Very easy job, but so appreciated! If your team plays early on Saturday morning or is the late game in the afternoon we would really love your help with this task. 1/2 hour - 1 hour shift each.

Team Chain Gang Member
Do you want on-field access for your child's game? You can help us by marking downs during home games. Two hours per game.

Team Videographer
Coaches find it invaluable to review their games on video. This helps them evaluate what their team is doing right and where they can improve. If you have a video camera and want to let out your inner ESPN cameraman, here's your chance. Two hours per week.

Equipment Distribution/Collection
There are plenty of things to do here from getting the players organized and collecting deposits to actually fitting equipment. We need help for a couple of evenings handing out equipment before practice begins. We also need help collecting and sorting equipment after the last game. Then we need assistance with the equipment shed at the end of the season to organize and inventory all equipment. That's it! Just a couple of hours of your time saves countless hours for our Equipment Managers and Coaches.