The Berkeley Lacrosse Club's goal is to provide boys and girls the opportunity to learn and play the wonderful sport of lacrosse. We have players from Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, El Cerrito, Richmond, El Sobrante, San Pablo, and Hercules.

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Volunteer and Board Positions

Berkeley Lacrosse Club is a volunteer-run organization, it takes many hands working together to make the Club run smoothly.  All parents are expected to volunteer a minimum of 6 hours per year in either a team or club level capacity.   

Team Level Positions

Team Parent(s)

  • Communicate with parents as necessary, including but not limited to keeping them informed about volunteer requirements and opportunities
  • Coordinate and maintain snack schedule with parents
  • Maintain schedule for scorekeepers, home field setup and sideline managers
  • Support coach with parent communication as necessary and/or requested
  • Organize the end of year team celebration and coach’s gift (can be delegated)

Parent Coach

  • Assist head coach in running practices a minimum of one standing practice per week 
  • Assist head coach during the game with sideline management
  • Minimum requirement to assist at practices is completion of the Positive Coaching Alliance online course
  • All Parent Coaches must complete the full Coaches Requirements of the NCJLA in order to be on the sidelines during games

Team Scheduler

  • Point person for scheduling for a particular team, responsible for making sure the game schedule makes sense as a season for each team
  • Attend club scheduling preparation meeting in November
  • Attend half-day league scheduling meeting on a Saturday in December.  This date is Saturday Dec. 9 for 2017 with boys in the morning and girls in the afternoon.

Home Field Setup

  • Retrieve (if first game of day) or Return (if last game of day) game supplies, table and chairs from the BLC storage shed
  • Requires a truck or large car to carry supplies
  • Set up field with goals, cones, and extra balls as required by league
  • Set up scorekeeper table, chairs, and supplies
  • If last BLC game of day, clean up supplies and return to storage shed

Sideline Manager

  • Fulfill the duties of sideline manager as described by US Lacrosse
  • Wear the bright orange "Sideline Manager" vest provided by the league
  • Enforce field specific rules at Tom Bates (no food, drinks, coffee, or animals inside the gates)
  • Perform these duties for at least 3 home games in the Spring season


  • Keep score during a minimum of 4 games during the spring season
  • Either have experience scorekeeping for lacrosse or attend an early-season scorekeeping workshop

Team Photographer

  • Take candid and posed shots of the team at various events - games, practices, mixers, outreach events
  • Coordinate a "Team Picture" on a well-attended game day and make the photo available to team parents
  • Make these photos available on the website, Facebook and in other club materials

Club Level Positions

Volunteers taking club level positions will meet their volunteer requirements AND make a big difference in the success of the club.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Creates a process for keeping track of volunteer hours and communicates to club
  • Helps to recruit and identify volunteers for various club level needs
  • Shares information on volunteer requirements with volunteers
  • Attends monthly BLC board meetings as needed


  • Responsible for maintaining and updating the website
  • No coding required, but comfort with technology is beneficial
  • Communicate club activities via website
  • Attends monthly BLC board meetings as needed to have accurate and up to date information

Publicity Coordinator

  • Prepare visibility budget and coordinates with Treasurer
  • Solano Stroll coordination, if desired
  • Create, print and distribute printed marketing materials
  • Coordinate with Fundraising Coordinators as needed
  • Communicate plans to BLC board

Fundraiser Coordinators

  • Several people can fill this role, each taking on a different event or working together for a larger event
  • Identify an opportunity for a club fundraising opportunity
  • Coordinate logistics for fundraising opportunity and communicate to club
  • Communicate plans to BLC board

Uniform Coordinator

  • Order and distributes uniforms
  • Works directly with vendors
  • Coordinates with Treasurer
  • Reports to BLC Board

Online Store Coordinator

  • Manages the BLC Online Store
  • Selects, orders, and manages inventory for various BLC spirit items
  • Receives orders and arranges for delivery/pickup
  • Biggest order of the year is typically in January for Gear Bags

Miscellaneous Support 

If you're unable to commit to a coordinator or board position, these positions require support through-out the year. If you have a particular skill reach out to the current coordinator to offer your support ( Roles may include:

  • Volunteering for Solano Stroll
  • Volunteering for Golden Gate Fields fundraiser
  • Assisting Publicity Coordinator distribute flyers
  • Assisting Fundraising Coordinator
  • Helping at a Gear Rental Day
  • Repairing/maintaining gear

Board Positions

Board positions are for a 2 year-term.  


  • Leads monthly board meetings
  • Represents club in the league
  • Coordinates activities of club

Vice President

  • Coordinates scholarship process
  • Works with girls and boys rep to schedule games
  • Attends monthly meetings


  • Creates an annual budget for the club
  • Keeps accurate record of all financial transactions
  • Provides a financial report at every board meeting
  • Maintains Club bank accounts
  • Coordinates the development of a fundraising plan with fundraising chair


  • Setup registration on League Athletics for Fall Ball
  • Setup registration on League Athletics for Spring League  
  • Review scholarships and apply scholarship credit for registration (dates - December)
  • Download registration reports for use by coaches and team parents
  • Support Parents with any registration questions or issues, make sure payments or checks are applied in League Athletics
  • Answer emails for parents who have interest in joining lacrosse
  • Attend board meetings
  • Attend Annual Parent meeting


  • Set monthly meetings and send reminders
  • Record and distribute minutes at meeting
  • Collect agenda items before meeting
  • Coordinate updates with webmaster
  • Secure location for parent meeting
  • Publicity as-needed

Girls League Representative

  • Attends NCJLA meetings as required
  • Participates in occasional league conference call and communicate league information to board and coaches as necessary
  • Coordinates schedule of games for all girls' teams
  • Recruit / make sure we are all set with coaches and players
  • Send confirmation email to opposing team 3 days before each scheduled home game in the Spring
  • Voting board member, expected to attend monthly board meetings

Boys League Representative

  • Attends two in-person and 3-4 conference call NCJLA meetings
  • Coordinates schedule of games for all boys’ teams
  • Shares league information around rules and guidelines with all boys players
  • Helps with recruiting boys coaches, team parents and signing boys teams up for league events
  • Confirms referees
  • Send confirmation email to opposing team 3 days before each scheduled home game in the Spring
  • Voting board member, expected to attend monthly board meetings

Gear Rental Coordinator

  • Organizes and staffs gear rental, gear return, and gear renewal days
  • Fits players with gear
  • Keeps records of gear rental up to date
  • Educates families regarding gear maintenance & care
  • Culls and/or repairs gear no longer fit for renting
  • Keeps shed organized
  • Orders more gear rental should the need arise
  • Helps to keep the game day boxes and coaches bags supplied
  • Voting board member, expected to attend monthly board meetings

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us.