Sycamore Lacrosse Association focuses on the development and instruction of girls and boys lacrosse players from kindergarten through grade six in the northeastern Cincinnati, Ohio area.

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Mission:  To have a positive effect on the lives of our players by teaching them the game of lacrosse and sharing the many lessons available through playing team sports. 

  • Develop the proper techniques (fundamentals first) for playing lacrosse. 
  • Adhere to the “Honor the Game” Philosophy as stated through
    US Lacrosse – Respect the “ROOTS” of positive play: 
    • Rules:  We refuse to bend the rules to win
    • Opponents:  A worthy opponent is a gift that brings out our best
    • Officials:  Show respect even when we disagree
    • Teammates:  Never do anything to embarrass our team
    • Self:  We live up to our own standards even when others don't
  • Encouragement is at the forefront of all messages we send the kids
  • Keep it FUN for players and coaches – if it’s not, they won’t come back
  • Stay “Light-hearted” as coaches, share laughs, don’t take it all too serious
  • Ask for each player’s “best”, understanding everyone’s “best” is relative
Issue resolution Policies:
  • If a non-critical issue (i.e. playing time, position played, etc.) arises for a player or a player’s parent/guardian, 24 hours should pass before addressing the issue with the coach. 
  • If a critical issue (player or coach game misconduct, abusive fan, etc.) arises for any player, coach, parent/guardian, or visitor - the SYL Board will use their discretion to address the issue in a timely manner, immediately if needed.