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Pacific Cup 2020

Pacific Cup 2020 is now confirmed.  However, due to accommodations related to COVID, this year’s event shall henceforth be referred to as WESA’s Summer Ball Playoffs, and only Team Coaches/Representatives who previously confirmed their interest in participating are eligible to register for this event.  Summer Ball Playoffs will also now occur as a 1 day event on Sunday, September 6 between 9am-6pm.

Once again, the tournament will be hosted in nearby Surrey at Softball City, with well-groomed fields, batting cages, a sports grill and ample parking.  In addition, the following special rules/accommodations will be in place for this year’s event due to COVID:

  • Each participant (e.g. player, coach, umpire, spectator) must sign and submit a waiver into an online drop box prior to this year’s event.  Full details will be sent to team Coaches regarding the necessary steps that are required to complete this action
  • Each team is allowed to bring up to (but no more) than 24 individuals (including players, coaches, spectators) into the event.  This rule is in place to ensure that there are not more than 50 individuals at each diamond during game play
  • Alcoholic, non-alcoholic, snacks, and some hot items will be available for sale through the restaurant beer window.  The full menu will be distributed to team Coaches.

Additional details regarding this year’s event will be shared with each team’s Coaches.
For the latest PAC Cup updates, please follow our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PacificCupYVR/


September 6th, 2020

Open (i.e. NAGAA ratings will not be used for this year’s event)

Deadlines and Pricing:
$280 CAD/team, payment due by Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

Peter Haughton, WESA Vice Commissioner -