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List all of the following criteria that apply to the infield fly rule (respond with the appropriate numbers)

1. Runners on 1st and 2nd
2. Runner only on 1st
3. Runners on 1st, 2nd and 3rd
4. There’s a force out at 3rd base
5. The ball goes directly to an infielder and is caught
6. You make the call while the play is going on
7. You call, “Infield Fly Rule is in effect!”
8. You call, “Infield Fly.  The batter’s out!”
9. You call, “Infield Fly if fair!”
10. The ball is caught with super-human effort
11. The ball is caught with ordinary effort for that level of play
12. The ball is caught with some effort
13. The hit ball can be a line drive
14. The hit ball must have some arc on it
15. The batter is out
16. The runners can or cannot run – it’s their choice
17. The runners must run
18. Once the call is made, the play continues as if this was a routine fly ball
19. If the runners were leading when the catch was made, they must tag up in order to advance
20. This rule applies to all levels of play
21. This rule does not apply to AA
22. An outfielder can catch an infield fly
23. Only an infielder can catch an infield fly
24. Only the plate umpire can make this call
25. You make the call only if the fielder actually catches the ball
26. You make the call when the ball is at the apex (top) of its flight path
27. You make the call after the play is complete and the ball is dead
28. This rule applies to an untouched foul ball
29. This rule applies to an untouched ball that lands in foul territory and rolls fair
30. The intention of this rule is to make the game as complicated as possible
31. The intention of this rule is to keep the defense from getting a cheap double play