It is the mission of the SWM LYSL to develop, deploy, and maintain a comprehensive program for the development and promotion of the game of soccer for the youth of Lincoln Township and surrounding areas. This League has been established as a non-profit an

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General Information

Draft/team equalization method is a tryout format, which is a similar system used by select travel soccer leagues. Unlike travel leagues, every player in LYSL will be placed on a team. This format provides better consistency in forming and equalizing teams as opposed to randomly picking teams. The draft/team equalization day also serves as extra practice for the U10 and U12 divisions.  

Draft equalization is currently used in the U10 and U12 divisions. U10 will conduct their player evaluations with two 75 minutes sessions over two days. U12 conduct their player evaluations with two 90 minute sessions over two days.

There is no requirement for 100% coach participation. At a minimum, a quorum (75% of coaching participation) must be present. On a volunteer basis, each division must have a coach that oversees the entry draft. This coach is responsible for determining the specific criteria with which players will be evaluated. 

The league will provide the roster information, name/number tags for the players, examples of evaluation exercises/drills, as well as any equipment needed to run the drills. Coaches can view a sample of the aforementioned player exercises and drills under "Training/Lesson Plans/Formations" at this link.‚Äč

Evaluation and Equalization

  • At this level of play, it is extremely important to have a qualified goalie. Coaches should first ask players if they would like to specifically concentrate on being a goalkeeper. 
  • After warm-ups, players will participate in a series of drills. Drills will focus on skills (dribbling, shooting, passing, tackling, etc.), running (sprints and distance), and scrimmage.
  • Coaches will rate players on a scale from A (highest grade, expert) to D (lowest grade, beginner). In the event that coaches cannot agree on a specific rating for a player, the player will be awarded a split rating. For example: if one coach rates a player with a B rating and another coach rates the same player with a C rating, the player will receive a split rating of B/C. 
  • Following evaluations, coaches will equally draft players. The draft should occur a few days after the evaluation sessions. Equalization occurs when the first coach drafts an A-rated player, then the next coach drafts an A-rated player, and so on. In the event that all A-rated players have been chosen, a coach would receive a greater amount of B-rated players to compensate, and so on. 
  • There is still a draft during the Spring Season, even when teams remain the same as the previous Fall season. All players are still required to attend the evaluation and are re-rated. Returning players remain on their previous team from the Fall Season and new players are drafted in equally following the equalization method.
  • Players may not skip evaluation unless they are excused for medical or availability reasons. In the event a player is not available to be evaluated, parents must provide a player soccer history, which will include: a number of years played, divisions played (U6, U8, etc.), skill level (A for "excelling," B for "above average," C for "developing skills," or D for "beginner"), and a brief summary about the player's strengths and development areas (ie. - great passer, needs to work on footwork, excels on defense, etc).