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Perkiomen Valley Boys Lacrosse Bylaws

Amended 02/07/2015


SECTION 1.01    Name
The name of this organization shall be the “Perkiomen Valley Boys Lacrosse Club” and shall be referred to in the following articles as “The Club”.

SECTION 1.02    Purpose
The purpose of The Club is to promote the sport of elementary and middle school youth lacrosse and elevate the level of play within our Perkiomen Valley School District community.

SECTION 1.03    Objectives
The objectives of The Club are as follows:
(a)     Development of an organization with an active and involved membership
(b)     Implement fundraising activities to assist with the cost of participation.
(c)     Assist the coaching staff in the organization and staging of tournaments and team banquets


SECTION 2.01    Membership 
Membership in The Club shall be open to all individuals who live in the Perkiomen Valley School District, have a player(s) who are registered, and fees paid in full, for the current youth program year of participation, and are also in good standing with the club.

2.01A   Voting
Each membership family will receive one vote, regardless of the number of players within a family that are participating in the club during the current year.

SECTION 2.02    Registration Fee’s
Registration fee’s will be set by the Executive Board of Directors and reviewed annually. Any requested refunds will be minus the cost of uniforms plus a $25 processing fee.

2.02 A    Current year of youth membership participation shall be from July 1st to June 30th, not exceeding 12 month format.

SECTION 2.03        Members Right to Privacy
Any personal information gathered or requested by the Club is for the sole use of the Club and will not be made available to any other organization.
SECTION 3.01    Executive Officers
The officers shall consist of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  There may also be elected an at-large member.
(a)     Election – The officers and at-large member shall be elected by a majority of the voting membership present at the Annual Meeting held in June.
(b)     Nominations – The President, with concurrence of the Executive Board, will present a ballot of nominees (who have agreed to serve). Nomination of club officers will occur at a Spring General Membership Meeting.
(c)     Term of Office – One year, starting July 1st to June 30th of the next calendar year.
(d)     Vacancy – A vacancy on the Executive Board, occurring during a term of office, shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board after soliciting volunteers from the membership.

SECTION 3.02    Duties of Executive Officers
(a)     Preside at all meetings
(b)     Appoint committee chairpersons with concurrence of the Executive Board of Directors
(c)     Appoint and/or dissolve committees as required and shall serve as ex-officio member of all committees.
(d)     Serve as the primary spokesperson for The Club; except as otherwise specified.
(e)     Direct s goals and budget performance

First Vice President
(a)     Shall serve as President Elect.
(b)     Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence, as well as other duties delegated by the President.
(c)     Be responsible for an annual review of the Bylaws, recommending revisions as appropriate.

Second Vice President
(a)     Perform all duties of the President and/or the First Vice President in his/her absence and shall be responsible for coordinating any special projects approved by the Executive Board of Directors.
(a)     Keep an accurate record of the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Board and all General Membership Meetings.
(b)     Be responsible for all Club correspondence,
(c)     Maintain a list of all members’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

(a)     Maintain a permanent and accurate set of records detailing all funds received, deposited, and disbursed.  These records shall be the permanent property of The Club and shall be available for examination by its members
(b)     Make payment on expenses approved by the Executive Board
(c)     Give a detailed and accurate report of all receipts and expenditures at all General Membership  Club meetings and Executive meetings


SECTION 4.01   Board Memberships
The Executive Board shall be comprised of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and at-large Member (if elected).  No member shall hold more than one office at a time.

SECTION 4.02    Responsibilities
(a)     The Executive Board shall be responsible to act on behalf of The Club in the management of the business affairs of the organization, except for matters decided by a vote of the membership.
(b)     At the discretion of the Board, any elected officer who is unable to participate in the function of the Board may be asked to resign their position.
(c)     Approve the President’s creation and dissolution of any committees.
(d)     Approve the recommendations of all committees and shall have the ultimate responsibility for the actions of these committees.
(e)     Approves goals and budget targets annually.
(f)      Set the time and date of membership meetings.  
(g)     Convene an Executive Board meeting if Club action is required before a regular general membership meeting.  


SECTION 5.01    General Membership Meeting
General Membership Meetings (a minimum of two) will be held during the months of September through June.  There will be no General Membership Meetings held in the months of July or August.
General Membership Meetings are open to all Club members.

SECTION 5.02    Executive Board Meetings
Meetings of the Executive Board will be held at the discretion of the Executive Board members
SECTION 5.03    The Order of Meetings
The order of all meetings held by The Club shall be:
(a)     Call to order
(b)     Reading of the minutes of the last meeting and action thereon
(c)     Report from the Secretary on any correspondence
(d)     Treasurer’s report
(e)     Committee reports
(f)      Unfinished business
(g)     New business
(h)     Adjournment


SECTION 6.01    Fiscal Year
The fiscal year for The Club shall begin on July 1st and conclude on June 30th of the following year.

SECTION 6.02    Management of Funds
All membership registration fees, contributions and fundraising profits become the property of The Club, and shall be recorded and deposited into a designated account maintained by the club Treasurer.

SECTION 6.03    Distributions of Funds
A majority approval from the Executive Board is required for club expenditures.   All checks written on The Club account must be signed by the Treasurer and co-signed by either the President or one of the Vice Presidents.


SECTION 7.01    Amendments to the Bylaws
Amendments to the bylaws of The Club may be proposed by the membership during any club meeting.  Adoption of amendments to these bylaws shall require a two-thirds majority vote of The Club membership in attendance at the next General Membership meeting.

Article VIII: Coaching Applications

Section 8.01 Coaching Application Review

1. All Coach's names will be submitted to the Executive Board for final approval/denial by the second week of February of the current year, by a simple majority vote.  An interviewing process may be requested by the Board if more than one applicant requests an opportunity to become a Head Coach or Assistant Coach for the same position.

2. All teams shall have a minimum of one Head Coach, and may have two assistant coaches.  Additional assistants may be approved, however, participation on the SEPYLA game sidelines will be governed by league rules. 

3. All coaches must have current clearances on file with club before the start of the season.

SECTION 9.01        Dissolution of the Club Entity
Should the Perkiomen Valley Boys Lacrosse Club cease to operate as a legal for non-profit entity, all of the club asset and cash must be used exclusively for exempt purposes, such as charitable, religious, educational and/or scientific purposes as decided and voted upon by the residing board.