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Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help.  If you don't get the answer you need please use the Feadback link or email your Coach or Board Representative.
When does the season start?
League rules prohibit us from practicing before the week of August 1st but the actual start date varies year to year.  You should receive an email by your coach to tell you when practice will actually start. Practice in 2022 will begin on Monday, August 8th

What equipment will I need for my child?
You must provide athletic shoes or more preferably cleats (absolutely no metal baseball spikes!) and athletic cup.  NBJGAA will provide a helmet (with chin strap), shoulder pads, game pants, personal game jersey, and all associated pads.  All equipment handed out must be returned at the end of the year.  Optional equipment not provided but recommended are a rib protector, arm pads and gloves (depending on positional assignment).

When will my child get his/her equipment?
League rules state that there can be no contact for the first couple of weeks of practice.  This time is used for conditioning and teaching fundamentals.  As the time approaches for the distribution of equipment, each head coach will schedule a time for his team to go to the clubhouse to be fitted.  The head coach of your team will notify you of that scheduled time.  If you are unable to make that time it is up to the head coach to schedule a time when he can accompany you to the clubhouse for an individual fitting. Please, no child or parent is to go to the clubhouse for fitting without the head coach of your team.

I want my child to play a certain position....how do I make that happen?  I feel my child gives the team the best chance to win if he/she plays at this position....How come my child is not playing there?
The position that a child plays depends on a number of factors -including the skill set that the child posesses.  Other factors include availability, willingness, character, dedication to the team, and attitude.  Although winning is important the overall team development it should not be the most important factor - the overall team should be.  Ultimately - it is the Head Coach's decision on position and playing time.  If you would like input please speak to the Head Coach.  If you are not satisfied with the response you receive please speak to your player rep or any member of the board.

How much can my child weigh to play?  When are weigh-ins?
In order to promote fair and equitable play the West Jersey Youth Football League (better known as "the league") mandates that your child must weigh less then the limit for the team that he/she intends to play on at one of the two available weigh-ins conducted by the league.  If your child does not make weight for that team on one of those days, they must move up to the next highest weight class regardless of age.  Once a child makes weight they are good for the whole season and do not have to make weight again until the following season.  There are slight exceptions and associated restrictions made for the 60lb class team depending on age but no other weight class has provisions for younger/heavier players.  See the Head Coach of the 60lb team for those guidelines - his name is listed on the Contacts page of this website.  NBJGAA has no input into the weigh-in schedule.  The days and times will be announced when the WJYFL distributes the information to the individual youth football organizations.  As a general guideline- the first weigh-in is usually two weekends before the first official game.

I have a complaint....who do I speak to?
Try to speak to the head coach first.  He has the most control of the team.  If you are not satisfied with the response you recieve or you are not comfortable going to the Head Coach please speak to your Player Rep or any member of the board.  There are two Player Reps appointed at the beginning of the season.  You can find out who they are for this year on the Contacts page of this website.

Who makes the schedule?  When will the schedule be out?
The schedule is created by WJYFL after recieving input from all of the youth football organization that play.  Each organization has the ability to schedule it's home games.  If you know of an event that will impact a large number of players (ie school or religious events) please let the Head Coach know ASAP.  Often there is nothing that can be done but occasionally WJYFL has agreed to move the schedule around, especially if it is well in advance.  The schedule is distributed by the league as soon as it is completed.  Often this is only a week or two before the season starts because it is not know until then which organizations have which teams.  As soon as NBJGAA has the schedule it will be distributed the the Head Coaches and on to the players.  You can check the WJYFL website or our website once it is made available.

How/When do I get directions to the away games?
If you need directions to the away games speak to the Head Coach before the game.  Often, the Head Coach will pick a time to meet at our home field and the team will leave as a group, affording the opportunity to follow someone.  Also directions to every away field can be found on the WJYFL website.

I work and it is difficult for me to provide transportation for my child all the time......is there anything that can be done?  I can't make the game/practice, can someone give my child a ride?  My car broke down- can someone give me a ride?
If you cannot make arrangements on your own, contact your Head Coach.  There are a number of coaches and parents that are more than willing to help out with transportation.  Please, never let not having a ride to one of our events prevent your child from participating.  There is always someone that can help out.

My child is going to miss a practice/game.... what should I do?
Please, as a courtesy contact the Head Coach and let them know, especially if you are going to miss the game.  This way the coaches can make adjustments to the practice schedule to account for it so that it can limit the impact to the team.  The coaches contact information can be found on this website.

What is the deal with the JV and Varsity squads...how does that work?
At weigh-in time the Head Coach must designate a certain number of players as being on the "Varsity" squad.  The number of players depends on the total number of players that the Head Coach must designate depends on the total number of players on the squad but is always at least 11.  This is done so that organizations that have both varsity and JV squads can not stack the JV team with Varsity players.  This gives some kids the opportunity to work up to the intensity of a Varsity level game.  Kids designated as Varsity (or A) players can not play in JV (or B) games.

My child is a Freshmen in High School....can he/she still play for the Jr. Greyhounds?
Freshmen that are less than 130lb at weigh-in time may be able to play on the 130lb weight class team depending on when the players birthday falls.  Contact your local Board Representative and we can see if he qualifies for the team or speak to one of the coaches.  Sorry, there is no team for Freshmen students that can not get below the 130lb weight limit for the weigh-ins.  For more details on how the weigh-ins work, see the section above.