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Girls Lacrosse Information



SBLA is committed to the growth and expansion of girls lacrosse in the Santa Barbara area.  Our goal is not only for our players to develop lacrosse skill and game knowledge, but also to build character on and off the field. 

We believe in setting goals, individually and collectively, and working hard to achieve them. While fostering a safe, fun, and exciting environment, SBLA values dedication, hard work, and sportsmanship.

SBLA offers girls of all ages and all skill levels the best possible lacrosse experience; which includes skill development, a full body workout, and a lot of smiling.  Whether a player has played once or never, here at SBLA we like to encourage the girls to try new things and challenge their athletic abilities.


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Why Girls Lacrosse?

A girls lacrosse game is fast paced and FULL of non-stop action. In this new and creative game there is constant running and a lot of scoring.  Lacrosse combines many elements of other sports into one; the precise technique needed in basketball, full field movement found in soccer, and the agility displayed in hockey.  Girls lacrosse is special because it is a finesse game, requiring strong hand-eye coordination and ball handling skills. All you need to be a lacrosse player is enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and the will to learn and try new things! Although lacrosse is one of the oldest sports in the U.S- the Native Americans played it- it just NOW is becoming more popular amongst the youth.  This results in more opportunities for growing athletes locally as well as nationally.




Boys vs. Girls, Two Different Games


Surprisingly, the ONLY similarity between boys and girls lacrosse are the goals!  Girls lacrosse is a completely different game than the boys.

The balls are different colors. Girl's balls are Yellow.
There are more players on the field!
Pads, Helmets, and Gloves are not required in the girls games. *
Goggles and Mouth Guards are. 
Girl's sticks are all the same size in length (versus boy's sticks that vary depending on position). The pocket on the stick is tighter and smaller then the boys as well. *
Girls is a Non- Contact sport; one is allowed to check another stick, but not another player to the ground as in boys.
* With the exception of the Goalie

For full Girls Rules from US Lacrosse click HERE








Womens Equipment Includes:

1. Lacrosse Stick

Women's Lacrosse stick has a smaller pocket but otherwise is similar to a Men's lacrosse stick.


2. Goggles

(Eye protection is required)


3. Gloves





Women's Lacrosse Field

Women's lacrosse field is slightly different compared to Men's. Please refer to the below diagram:


Click Here to Compare to a Soccer Field.


Important Safety Information 
(Head Injuries in Girls Lacrosse)

The SBLA has reviewed the national data on head injuries in women's lacrosse and has decided to adapt the US Lacrosse standards of requiring eye protection and mouth guards only.  Helmets are not required.

Please refer to the following links for further information:

US Lacrosse-Position Statement on Eye Protection 
in Women's Lacrosse

ESPN E-60 Documentary
US Lacrosse Response
US Lacrosse "Why"
American Journal of Sports Medicine Head-Face-Eye 
NY Times Article: Football Helmets & Concussions 


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