FC Copa Academy is an elite soccer club in NJ where we develop players with outstanding personal character and successfully place them into collegiate programs. NPSL, UWS, National Premir League, United Womens Soccer, US Club Soccer, NJ Soccer, NJ, Youth



FC Copa Academy Vision, Mission and Core Values


FC Copa Academy will be a model futbol academy for others to emulate Nationally and Internationally. 


FC Copa Academy’s mission is to identify, develop and educate youth soccer players and coaches in a positive, structured and challenging atmosphere. More importantly, FC Copa Academy strives to develop young men and women of character and prepare them to succeed in life.


Passion - We live and breathe futbol, for the club and for each other. For us the commitment to being a passionate individual transcends all as that is the foundation to all other core values. It truly means that you live for what you do.

Loyalty - We were founded with the belief that being loyal to a player’s long term development is critical and appropriate. In today's culture where both organizations and players are not loyal to each other, we strive daily to retain our players for many years and in return we see this reciprocated consistently by our players, parents and partners.

Culture - We will always create an atmosphere where we define a positive and nurturing culture for all those involved. The focus in having a clearly defined culture and living to uphold it daily has and will continue to foster positivity, fulfillment, understanding, achievement and success.

Professionalism - We believe in all members associated with FC Copa Academy conducting themselves in a professional manner. This includes our directors, coaching staff, players, parents and holding them to the highest standard of the game of soccer. This includes how we speak, how we train, how we run our organization and most importantly how we develop these young players into young adults for them to become successful on and off the field for years to come.

Honesty and Transparency - We have an unwavering stance when it comes to being a highly honest and completely transparent organization. Regardless of the area within our organization, be it the technical side, personal development side, business practices or in our communication; we strive to always be honest and transparent so that we always have a clear message for all our members, partners and colleagues.

Inclusive – We believe that diversity in all aspects including social economic and talent level is critical for the development of our players both as an athlete and as a person. We work tirelessly to identify programs and opportunities that allows players, who might otherwise be left out of the exposure, to the great game of futbol.

Integrity and Ethics - We take responsibility for our actions. We demonstrate our integrity when we work through disagreements with honesty and respect for others, when we honor our commitments and when we accept responsibility for our actions. We are fair with our players, parents, opponents, referees and governing organizations.

Fair Play – We take being fair before, during and after a match very seriously. We treat our opponents, the referee’s and the game with dignity, as they are the most important aspects of what we do as an organization. Our players, parents and coaches are constantly raising the bar and holding our members to the highest standard of the game.

Competitiveness - We teach and encourage ongoing competitiveness from all our players. As part of this value, we believe in teaching our players and coaches that competitiveness is not exclusive, that the strongest competitors are those that can bridge the gap from being individuals and competing, to being part of a team and making us as a whole core competitive. 


FC Copa Academy provides youth soccer players with a superior coaching staff, a well-defined and progressive player development curriculum and the state of the art training facilities at Rutgers University and Rowan University.  Since its inception in 2005, FC Copa Academy has placed over 250 players into collegiate programs, 3 players have traveled to play with their national teams, 2 players selected to attend the U17 U.S. National Team residency program and 2 players have signed with professional clubs.  Our youth teams have won countless premier tournaments, national level showcases, US Youth Soccer & US Club State Cups and US Club Regional & National titles. We have had numerous teams ranked #1 in the state, region and by GotSoccer, consistently throughout the club our teams are in the top 10 in NJ. In 2012, the U17G FC Copa Academy Real traveled to Chicago, Illinois to compete in the 2012 US Club National Cup XI, and captured the first National Title in FC Copa Academy's history, capping an impressive year for the team and making history for the club!
FC Copa Academy’s mission is to identify, develop and educate youth soccer players and coaches in a positive, structured and challenging atmosphere. More importantly, FC Copa Academy strives to develop young men and women of character and prepare them to succeed in life. Our organization is led by a select professional group of directors, coaches and trainers composed of current college, high school and nationally licensed coaches who oversee the instruction and follow a set curriculum as they develop our student athletes and their respective teams.
FC Copa Academy's curriculum is the foundation of our development program with a focus on high technical proficiency, a possession based style which encourages creativity. The culture of the organization reflects our view that the necessity to win every game is not a goal: we view winning as a result of the development the club focuses on. FC Copa Academy is devoted to the development of every player from our very youngest to our most senior. The FC Copa Academy philosophy of development is carried through for each team regardless of their age or gender.

Our teams train year round in state of the art facilities at Rutgers University and Rowan University and focus on technical, tactical, mental and performance training. We provide our goalkeepers with specialized training with a dedicated goalkeeper coach. We compete at the highest levels including NPL and EDP as well as appearances in tournaments and college showcases not only domestically but internationally.

FC Copa Academy's coaching staff is carefully selected and every coach is USSF and/or NSCAA licensed coach with professional, collegiate, igh school and regional ODP coaching experience. Our coaching staff communicates a clear vision for individual players and teams with expectations and objectives to achieve through the year. FC Copa Academy is very proud of our college placement program and continues to set itself apart from other organizations by providing players with all the necessary resources to reach his or her potential. In that light we have invested and implemented a unique Academic Guidance program to help supplement the counseling provided by the player's school. We guide players through their formative years to ensure they get the most exposure on the field as well as off the field and provide them a road-map to success so they can achieve their goals of playing collegiate soccer.

FC Copa Academy continues to set itself apart from other organizations by providing players with all the necessary resources to reach his or her potential:

  • Training as a key focus for our student athletes
    Includes technical, tactical, specialized goalkeeping, mental, and performance training. Visit our FC COPA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION page to see the list of FC Copa Academy players competing at the collegiate or professional level.

  • State-of-the-art facilities
    Our academy trains on state of the art turf fields at Rutgers University and Rowan University.

  • Compete in highly competitive leagues
    EDP (Elite Development Program), NPL (National Premier League) and Region 1.

  • Appear in tournaments domestically and internationally
    Donosti Cup (Spain), Dallas Cup, Disney Showcase, Las Vegas Players Showcase, US Club State Cup and Regional Championship, CASL Showcase, Jefferson Cup and PDA Showcase.

  • An experienced and highly certified coaching staff
    USSF and NSCAA Licensed coaches with professional, collegiate, high school and regional ODP coaching expertise. FC COPA ACADEMY STAFF

  • Offers year round soccer programs
    In addition to the FC Copa Academy, the organization also offers additional programs such as a nationally recognized Futsal Academy, Regional and National champion 3v3 teams, as well as a Technical Training, Strength and Conditioning Training and many other options for players within and outside the organization. FC COPA ACADEMY PROGRAMS

  • Provide Leadership 
    Our coaching staff will communicate a clear vision for individual players, parents and teams with expectations and objectives to achieve throughout the year. Providing a clear vision will assist players and parents in problem solving and proper planning for the future.

  • Mental Conditioning
    Geared toward enhancing continuous psychological improvement.  Personal awareness, self-confidence, motivation, discipline, and self-esteem are used as tools to increase effectiveness in pressure situations.

  • Nutrition Assessment
    Instruct and provide every athlete with proper nutrition to meet daily demands of academics, training, and top performance.

  • College Placement Program
    Inform and assist with every athlete’s desire to attain advanced education and play soccer at the highest level. Please visit the FC COPA ACADEMIC GUIDANCE program page for details of our continued player college placement academic focus.

  • Communication Development
    Assist all athletes in developing social skills, interaction with adult coaches and college interviews.  These life skills are invaluable in developing the proper balance as an athlete and as a person.

  • Participate in NPSL and UWS
    In 2016, FC Copa Academy launched New Jersey Copa FC teams in the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League) and UWS (United Women's Soccer League). These teams will serve as the top of our development pyramid and include alumni from FC Copa Academy and will be lead by FC Copa Academy Directors.

These areas of focus are what made FC Copa Academy a successful development ground for upcoming soccer players in the North East.  We are proud of our success in such a short period of time and continue to evolve and develop our organization to strive for greater heights.

While most clubs only talk about development, we are entirely devoted to it!