Our vision is to be the most stable and competitive lacrosse community in the Northwest. Our mission is to create scholastic excellence, teamwork, honor and integrity through competitive lacrosse.




We hope this checklist will help you prepare for each game during the upcoming season. There will always be unknowns, but we hope this "worry-free" list will assist you so your day can be spent enjoying what you love best - cheering on your child.smiley

Game Day Checklist:
Several recommendations reflect the cold and rain we often encounter during March & April. 

For the Athlete

- A healthy meal. Recommend no caffeine before the game
- Uniform
- Lacrosse Stick

- Helmet
- Throat Guard (goalie)
- All Pads
- Athletic cup (boys)
- Water Bottles
- Mouth Guard
- Pennies:
Please keep your practice pennie in your bag for game day
- Gloves
- Cleats

For the Parents:
- Check the weather forecast
- Give yourself enough time.
Remember, your athlete has to be at the field 1 hour before your game begins
- Extra pair of shoes for after the game
- Consider an exta pair of clothes (for rainy days)
- Towels for your car seats (to protect your wet athlete from bringing the outside, inside)
- Navigation set! This site has a FIELDS tab so you can find your destination in advance.
- Snack for your athlete
- Canopy tent (if you have one)
- Umbrella
- Chairs, so you can sit on the sideline comfortably. Some fields do not have bleachers.
- Gloves/Scarves
- Hats
- Blankets
- ERLC Spirit Wear
- Camera/Video Camera

- Suckers and patience, these are especially great in intense games and everyone appreciates them :-)