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Want To Become a Better Lacrosse Player w/ Superior Stick Skills?

Take the Lax Power Wall Ball Challenge

How Many Wall Ball Reps Can You Complete?

Tape a 3'x3' box on a brick wall with the top of the box head high. Stand 7-10 yards from the wall and throw the ball right handed at the box 50 consecutive times. Then throw the ball left handed 50 consecutive times. Just 3 days a week for 4 weeks and you can meet the goal of 2,250 reps.
Week 1: 3 days a week 50 reps a day both right and left hand.
Week 2: 3 days a week 75 reps a day.
Week 3: 3 days a week 100 reps a day.
Week 4: 3 days a week 150 reps a day.

Remember, consecutive times is the key. The ultimate goal is to improve your stick skills off the field so that you can be a better player on it.

Don't have a brick wall in your backyard?  Head down to your local high school (but don't tell them we sent you)

Don't have either a brick wall or a brick high school?  Purchase a lacrosse wall from your local lacrosse store.

Email if you accept the Wall Ball Challenge

CT Lacrosse Training Players That Accepted the Challenge
Anyone player who completes the challenge will be entered into a drawing to win a new Handle and Head (Boys and Girls)
Boys Who Accepted the Challenge

Spencer Organ
Shawn Ragaglia