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1. High School Rules apply unless specified below.
2. Pitching Rules. Each Player is permitted 12 outs per game. A pitcher who leaves the mound may return once as a pitcher.
3. Mercy Rule. 10 Run rule after 4 1/2 innings. The home team gets its at bats if the margin is reached in the top half of the inning.
4. Called games. (Rain, Darkness, Light failure, acts of God etc.) Normally scheduled games will be seven innings in length, and considered complete if a minimum of four innings is completed.  Games will be scheduled for five innings if a weeknight doubleheader is scheduled.  These games will be considered complete if at least three innings are completed.
5. Every player must play 3 innings in the field in any seven inning game. Managers are to report opposing managers who violate this rule.
6. Each player is advised to wear a cup.
7. Any player removed from the game may reenter at any time in his original spot in the batting order. Rule 5 must not be circumvented by the use of this rule.
8. Trips to the mound. Managers/Coaches allowed one trip to the mound per pitcher, on the second trip for the same pitcher, he must be removed.
9. EH (extra hitter). you may use an EH. This allows for the unlimited substitution mentioned in rule number seven.
10. No Steel Spikes.
11. The Maximum size for a bat is 2 3/4 barrel -8.5 difference in weight to length.
12. The home team is to provide game balls and provide pay and schedule experienced umpires.
13. Fourteen year olds may play any position.
14. If there is a shortage of players, you may bring up a little league player to play. Players brought up may not pitch. Rostered Pony players must play first.
15. Balk Rule. Umpires will give warnings until May 31st. Then high school rules will apply.
16. Courtesy Runners. For pitcher/catcher at any time. Must be non-playing player.
17. Starting number of players. Team must have 8 players to start and finish a game. The open spot in the line-up will be the ninth spot and an out will be recorded every time that spot is up. When a ninth player arrives he will bat in the ninth spot.
18. No Protests.
19. Age. A Players age must be 11 years old and no older than 14 years old on April 30th. If you observe any Manager/Coaches not playing by the rules.