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Peanut League Rules
7 & 8 Year Old Division


Player Safety

1.     Helmets are required to be worn by offensive players and bat boys/girls outside of the dugout.

2.     A player who intentionally removes their helmet during a live ball will be called out under the judgement of the umpire.

3.     A helmet with a face mask will be worn by the defensive player in the pitcher position.

4.     Catchers are required to wear a protective cup.

5.     Only the batter who is up and the on-deck batter are allowed to be swinging bats at any time in and around the dugout.

6.     Only adults and/or Umpires are allowed to operate the pitching machines.

7.     Players must stay in the dugout at all times when not on the field.

8.     Only the players, bat boy/girl, manager and two coaches and scorekeeper are allowed in the dugout during the game.

9.     When there is a play at the plate, the runner must slide. If he does not, he will be called out.

10.  If a fielder has the ball and is in position to make a play on a runner, the runner must avoid an intentional collision. If the runner, in the opinion of an umpire, intentionally or maliciously collides with the fielder, he will be called out and may be subject to ejection from the game.

11.  No head first slides. A runner will be called out of this occurs. A runner may dive head first going back to a base.

12.  No sliding into first base (unless to avoid a collision). The runner will be called out.

13.  A player will be given one warning per game for throwing a bat. The next infraction during that game will result in the batter being called out.

14.  If lightning is sighted, the Umpire must stop the game. If the weather clears, the game may resume.

15.  No metal cleats are allowed. Shirts must remain tucked in. Hats must be league issued with the bill facing forward. Players must be in league issued uniforms when playing Lakeshore Youth Baseball.

16.  The maximum barrel size for bats is 2 1/4" with the 1.15BPF label or you can use 2 5/8" with USA Baseball label..

17.  No jewelry is to be worn during games.

18.  No smoking is allowed in the dugout or on the field of play.

19.  Managers are responsible for their players, coaches and fans conduct during the game. Any display of temper or intimidation will not be tolerated. Any swearing or other unsportsmanlike conduct will be cause for immediate ejection from the park facility by an umpire or a representative of the LYBSA Board.

20.  Umpires operating the pitching machine are not allowed to catch balls coming to the circle to complete a play.

21.  In case of an injury to a player, “time” will be called immediately by the Umpire to tend to the injured player. Once the injured player has been dealt with, the Umpire will make the necessary base awards.


Game Details

22.  Game length is six (6) innings or one and a half hours.

23.  Do not start any inning after one hour and fifteen minutes.

24.  A game is official if called for darkness if the home team is ahead after 3 and 1/2 innings or after 4 innings if the visiting team is ahead.

25.  Incomplete games will be attempted to be rescheduled and continue from the point where it was stopped.

26.  Rainouts will be attempted to be rescheduled.

27.  The pitching machine speed will be 38 mph at the start of the season. 40 mph after two weeks. 42 mph two later to the end of the season.

28.  There will be no forfeits. Teams should play with as many players as they have in attendance.

29.  The ten-run rule will apply after 3 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead or after 4 innings if the visiting team is ahead. However, games can be called at any time under the agreement of both coaches.

30.  The pitching machine is adjusted at the beginning of an inning, except under manager discretion of four consecutive errant pitches. If a no pitch is called and the batter swings, it remains a no pitch.

31.  For efficient use of time, players should hustle on and off the field.


Offensive Guidelines

32.  All players will be in the batting order. Any late players will be added to the bottom of the line-up.

33.  Strikes will be called on all pitches in the strike zone and foul balls.  Each batter will be allowed 4 strikes to start the season and 3 strikes after 3 weeks.

34.  There is no base stealing.

35.  There are no lead-offs. Runners can not leave the base until the ball is hit.

36.  If a player leaves a base early, he must return to the previous base if open.

37.  If a base runner is not halfway to the next base when the play is called “dead”, he must go back to the previous base if open.

38.  Runners may attempt to advance one base on overthrow to first base.

39.  Runners may attempt to advance one base on an overthrow to any other base. (Coaches should be aware of the game situation and use respect in running the bases.)

40.  Hitting the pitching machine is considered a dead ball on any batted ball. Each offensive player, including the batter, is allowed to move forward one base.

41.  If the ball becomes stuck in the fence or goes out of the field of play, one additional base will be awarded.

42.  A courtesy runner will be issued to the next inning’s catcher at any time when he has reached his base.

43.  There will be a maximum of five runs per inning except in the last inning of play.

44.  Any time a coach touches a base runner to assist them will result in that player being called out after the play has been called “dead.”

45.  One bunt per inning.


Defensive Guidelines

46.  Maximum of ten players on the field at any time. Four of these players must begin the play on the grass of the outfield.

47.  The pitcher is required to wear a helmet with a face mask.

48.  No player will sit out more than two innings per game. There are no limits on substitutions.

49.  Players must play the infield at least one inning per game.

50.  The catcher does not need to catch the third strike to be considered an out.

51.  There is no infield fly rule.

52.  At the time of the pitch, no defensive player may be forward of the pitching machine.

53.  The pitcher can play either side of the machine.

54.  All plays will end with the pitcher receiving the ball and entering the pitching circle.

55.  There will be no appeals. Examples, a player misses a base and the umpire sees it, the player will be called out once the play is “dead.”

56.  No fake tag outs.



The Official Little League Rule Book will be used except as noted in these general rules.


(revised March 24, 2015)