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KCYLL Board Meeting
Thursday, December 15, 2011
The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm at Lee Jeans.
In attendance: 
Bill Esrey (Pembroke Hill)                              Janos Glynn (Blue Valley)
John Birkel (Prairie Village)                            Debbie Ward (Prairie Village)
Ken Bean (Northland)                                     Heather Hertzler (Lee’s Summit)
Mitch Castor (Brookside)                                Mark Hood (Northland)
Mike Lettera (past President & Northland)     R. Hunter Anderson (Vice President)
Rob McCarthy (Olathe)                                  Pierre Barbeau (Leawood)
Jack Yates (President)                                   Marty Dakan (Secretary & Brookside)
Jack Yates introduced himself as the new President of the KCYLL, then everyone around the room introduced themselves and indicated which program they represented.
A motion to approve the minutes from the October 13th special meeting was made by Goss, seconded by Lettera.  The motion passed unanimously.
President’s Report
Jack made brief remarks about his history with lacrosse in the Kansas City area.  He stated that he will maintain the course set during Mike Lettera’s term in office, filling in holes where needed.
  1.  Officials
Jack met with John Dehan of Call the Game and there will be no increase in officiating fees for this next season, maintaining the cost at $31/game.  They discussed ways of bringing in new officials to keep up with increasing needs.  Coaches will be given cards to evaluate the officials, and officials given cards to evaluate coaches’ behavior.  These cards will be collected by the field managers after every game.  Official evaluations will be used as part of the selection of officials to work the playoff games and the 8th grade All-Star game.
There are plans to have 3 referee crews working the semi-final and final games this year for grades
5-8, as well as the 8th grade All-Star game.
  1. Facebook Page
Creating a Facebook page for KCYLL will be another way for us to communicate with the Kansas City community.  Pierre B. and his “crew” will work to set up a page prior to the start of the season.
  1. US Lacrosse Youth Rules Changes
US Lacrosse has made significant rules changes for the 2012 season incorporating new safety standards.  Please refer to the e-mail article sent out by US Lacrosse and also forwarded to the Board by Jack.  Safety is a key point for Jack this year.
  1. Dick’s Sponsorship
Hunter and Mike had a meeting with Dick’s recently about the upcoming season, what they would be willing to donate and what they would like to receive in return.  They will be renewing their $3,000 donation pledge that they’d made last year, continue to supply the coaches’ kits, as well as make a one-time grant in the amount of $5,000 to KCYLL.  There is also a $500 donation to Great Plains for education.
KCYLL and Dick’s have established a good relationship over the past few years with Hunter’s help (as well as the incredible success of their lacrosse promotion days in stores in the spring and fall).  Mike and Hunter would like to increase Dick’s presence in the lacrosse community through marketing opportunities at games.  Mike suggested that there ought to be 3 meetings with Dick’s over the course of the year to remain in the forefront.
  1. 501(c) (3) Status
Jack has been working on establishing KCYLL as a 501(c) (3) status organization.  Bill Esry has access to an idle organization that has IRS approval and hopes to be able to transfer that approval to KCYLL to reduce the time to obtain approval.  KCYLL is currently a Missouri LLC, but Jack feels it is essential to convert to a non-profit corporation, which will help with submissions to the IRS and also to garner contributions.
  1. Safety First
“Safety First” should be the theme for this year’s program, in keeping with the US Lacrosse organization’s focus.
  1. Great Plains Chapter Representation
The Great Plains Chapter of US Lacrosse is seeking a representative from KCYLL to serve on its Board.  The representative must be knowledgeable enough to represent the interests of youth lacrosse as well as helpful to the GP Chapter.  Jack is seeking self-nominations, which will be voted on at the GP January meeting.  The greatest effort this year will be in the area of coach’s education.  The person elected will serve a 2-year term.
NOTE:  Bill Esry has self-submitted for the position, and Jack will pass his name on to Great Plains.  Stay tuned!
IV. Treasurer’s Report
            Janos reported that KCYLL has a balance in the bank of $9,930.05, not including the $3,000 donation and $5,000 grant from Dick’s, as well as a $1,000 contribution from Lee Jean’s in recognition of Mike’s volunteer efforts again this year.  We also have many $50.00 gift certificates from Dick’s which could be used to supply the fields for the spring season.  Janos will be busy in the next few weeks determining how much to charge clubs/teams in the coming season.
V.  Reports
  1. Fields Committee Report
  1.  Fields
Debbie Ward estimated that we will need 5 turf fields this season, including Olathe (2 fields, possibly alternating their use), Shawnee Mission East, Rockhurst University, Park Hill and Lee’s Summit (might have an option to use 2 there also).  She has also secured Shawnee Mission West’s field in the event that it is needed.  This will ensure that all games for 5th thru 8th graders will be played on turf.  Charges for use of the fields will remain the same.
There was some discussion as to how to mark fields where needed, and the best marking materials.
3rd and 4th grade games will be played again at Pembroke with the exception of 2 weeks.  St. Paul’s was mentioned as an option when Pembroke is unavailable, and Lee’s Summit also has access to grass fields.
  1. Field Managers
Debbie, Jack and Karen Linville met with SMA Sports.  The company would provide management of games played by 5th through 8th grade, at a cost of $15.50/hour, replacing the volunteer field managers of last year.  Duties would include keeping the games running on time, reporting adverse weather, accident monitoring and reporting, and assisting scorers, time keepers and game officials.  They would be responsible for providing the game clock and score sheets and the collection of grading cards for both coaches and officials.
Field managers would be at least 21 years of age, first-aid trained, as well as trained in running of game clock, etc.  They will be responsible for the game clock and score sheets for each field.
As far as funding, it was estimated that the season would cost approximately $6,000.  That cost could be covered by reserves in our account, or a sponsorship could be solicited.
There are many benefits to having unbiased field managers who would staff the fields for the day, as opposed to relying on volunteers.
Heather called for a motion to approve the contract with SMA Sports.  Bill seconded the motion.
The motion was approved unanimously.
            Note:  Janos pointed out that the Board needs to be realistic in terms of the amount charged to teams
this year.  We don’t want to spend too much of our surplus reserve, at the same time we don’t want to price ourselves out of the market by increasing expenses to teams.  It will be a great opportunity to learn from this organization as they are involved in a number of markets.  They also might be able to solicit sponsorships. 
  1. Rules and Discipline Committee
  1. Discipline Committee:
Pierre, along with his committee including Mitch Castor, Tracey Dujakovich, Jon Birkel, John Lively and Jack Yates, would like to make 3 recommendations to the Board:
  1. Establish a Disciplinary Review Committee to review assessments of discipline to players and coaches arising from game ejections.
  2. Make changes in the KCYLL Bylaws and Rules to conform to US Lacrosse Rules
  3. Recommend that KCYLL Board transition from grade-level competition to age-level competition, as set forth by Federation Rules beginning with 2013 season.
The Discipline Review Committee would ease the burden placed on the KCYLL President and Executive Committee by reviewing situations that arise during the season.  Field Managers would be witnesses to issues that arise during games and would fill out the card if there was in fact an ejection.  Officials would monitor the situation. 
One change to the recommendations of the Rule Committee was with regard to the length of time from an appeal of a suspension for the season or expulsion from the League to the time a decision is rendered.  The Review Committee had initially recommended 10 days from the appeal to decision.  It was suggested that if a coach is to be replaced, it would be helpful to shorten the time frame to 7 days.
Mike made a motion to change the length of the appeal process from 10 days to 7 days. Ken seconded the change.  The motion passed unanimously.
A motion by Greg was then made to approve the amended recommendations of the Rules and                Discipline Committee.  Heather seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.
  1. Rules Changes:
There is one discrepancy between US Lax new Rules and those adopted by KCYLL as it applies to 6th grade teams and contact with other players:  KCYLL bylaws had been changed this past fall to limit the checking distance to 1 step.  It was determined that we would adjust our distance to 3 yards, in keeping with US Lacrosse rules. 
A motion was made by Mike to align our contact rules to conform to US Lacrosse rules.  Heather seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.
Discussion in the group as to aligning teams by age rather than grade level yielded no definitive answers.  With a September 1 cut-off, new US Lacrosse rules would put some of our younger players with spring and summer birthdays at a disadvantage.  It was determined that it would not be advantageous to implement the changes this year, but wait and determine how teams would be affected.  Exceptions can be made and if there are individual issues that need attention, they can be recognized and discussed amongst the coaches.  It was suggested that individual clubs look at their teams to determine how much they would be affected.  Each of the programs was requested to review their enrollment for the 2012 season and report back to Jack as to how this change would impact their programs.
Heather made a motion to defer implementation of the age-determined teams for one year.  Janos seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.
  1. Website/Schedule Report
Because of time restraints, Greg gave a very abbreviated report.  The deadline for clubs to submit the number of teams in each grade level is February 2nd.  There is no need for a specific roster of players at that time.  The number of teams in each grade level will start the scheduling ball rolling.  Games will begin on March 25th.
  1.  Ad Hoc 8th grade All-Star Game Committee
Mike and Tim Hannon were appointed by Jack to develop logistics for selecting players and coaches.  The game will be played on the same day as the LAKC championship, to be held at Livestrong Sporting Park.  The teams will consist of 25 players each, chosen by KCYLL coaches from the KCYLL 8th grade players.  The number of players from a team to be selected is determined by how the team finishes in the league standings.  Once the pool of players has been determined, a draft will be held.  The coaches will include the head coaches of the 2 high school teams who lost in the semi-final rounds of the Championship as well as the 2 youth coaches who were head coaches of the teams who played in the 8th grade championship game in 2011.  There will be no practices.  The event is meant to be inclusive of players from every 8th grade team and give players in the league the experience of playing with rather than against one another, and will be a wonderful opportunity for KCYLL to showcase its talent. A donation has been made to cover many of the costs, but there will be a $5 entrance fee to watch both the All-Star and the LAKC championship games.
  1. Great Plains Chapter Coaches Clinic
The Training is to be held January 21 and 22 at a venue still to be determined.  NOTE:  The Saturday session will be held at St. Paul’s School and Sunday’s session at Pembroke Hill.  Specific details will be sent out to Board members and posted on the website once they are finalized.  Dick’s and US Lacrosse will be sponsoring the event.  Level 1training for coaches of both boys and girls teams as well as CPR training will be offered on Saturday, with Level 2 training just for boys along with CPR training on Sunday.  There will be sessions for parents, as well as pizza party for players, parents and coaches sponsored by Dick’s in the works. 
A number of the clubs will be reimbursing their coaches for the costs of the training.  
  1.  KCYLL Coaches Meeting
In Hunter’s absence, Jack stated that there will be a coaches meeting either the Saturday before or after the Great Plains Clinics.  Hunter is spearheading the planning of the event, to be held in a business-type setting this year.  NOTE:  This meeting has been tentatively set for the morning of Saturday, February 19, 2012.  When finalized this information will be distributed by e-mail to all programs and posted on the website.
VI. Old Business
  1.  Grade 7 and 8 A/B Divisions
Janos stated that a number of parents in their program had expressed interest in developing more advanced teams in addition to their usual KCYLL teams to provide a higher level of competition.  Discussion ensued, and it was determined that there might not be more than 3 “A” teams in the league.  It would be difficult to accomplish the division this year, based on the numbers.  An option was brought up where there could be more developmental combined 7th and 8th grade teams, which would be an option for the newer programs within KCYLL.  It was suggested that this year be an evaluation year to determine whether it could be accomplished for next year.
Jack suggested that those programs interested in pursuing an “A” and “B” team structure submit that information and recommendations as to how this structure would be organized to Janos by January 15th and submit a recommendation to Jack so that it could be circulated to the Board for consideration at the next Board meeting in late January.
The organization needs to make sure that the decision made will not be impacting the youth program adversely and that we have the numbers to sustain both divisions.
A suggestion was made to set aside the first week of games as a “placement” week for determining where specific teams could be placed.
VII. New Business
  1. Requiring Background checks of coaches
In light of current events, background checks will be required for all head and assistant coaches coaching in KCYLL.  There is a background check involved in the Level 1 and 2 training, or checks are available through US Lacrosse or the National Center for Safety Initiatives (per Holly Milledge).  Some clubs have already made them a requirement, but it will be league-wide this year.  Programs will be required to provide at team registration the names and contact information for all coaches of each team and certify to KCYLL that all of those coaches have been vetted by the program.
  1. Approval of Team Fees
It was suggested that fees for teams remain the same for the 2012 season, especially considering the jump that was made last year with the move to turf fields. The remaining group voted unanimously to keep the fees the same.
  1. Meeting with Travel Clubs
A meeting was held December 1 between the KCYLL Executive Committee and representatives of the Kansas City area travel clubs, specifically Blue Lions, True Lacrosse and ESB Lacrosse.  KC Orange did not send a representative to the meeting.
The meeting was cordial, everyone recognizing that we need to work toward the same mission of providing more opportunities for youth lacrosse in Kansas City.  The only conflict during the KCYLL spring season will occur the weekend of April 28-29, when Blue Lions will possibly be sending a number of teams to the True Lacrosse-sponsored Rip the Duck tournament held in South Bend, Indiana.  This will potentially be a bye-week for a number of the grade level teams, an open weekend where a number of instructional and training opportunities could be offered to those not attending the tournament. 
The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9pm.  The next meeting will be held in late January, at a date to be determined.  Topics of discussion could include the changing of divisions from grade related to age related and the A/B concept report from Janos’ group.
Respectfully Submitted,
Marty Dakan,