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 Founders Girls Lacrosse League FAQs

What is the Mission of the Founders Girls Lacrosse League?

To help elementary- and middle-school-aged girls in our member towns learn to play and enjoy lacrosse

Our Objectives

·    To honor the game by exemplifying its values of integrity, trust and competition

·    To create an instructional girls lacrosse league where each member Town Program:

-   Works in the best interest of the girls in its member town

-   Has teams organized by grade in school (1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th and 7th/8th)

-   Creates balanced teams at each age level

-   Emphasizes skill building, teamwork, healthy competition and fun

-   Aims to give equal playing time for all players

-   Keeps game scores but does not post or publish them during or after the game

-   Has no standings, play-offs or championships

-   Adheres to a Zero Tolerance policy for misconduct of players, coaches and spectators

More about our Objectives in more detail:


Player development




What is girls’ lacrosse and how does it differ from the boys’ game?

Girls’ lacrosse is a non-contact, fast-paced sport where female athletes run up and down a field passing and shooting a ball at a goal with their lacrosse sticks.  Mass Bay goes a step further and promotes girls’ youth lacrosse in an environment that emphasizes fun while developing skills, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and integrity.  The main difference between boys’ lacrosse and the girls’ game is that the boys allow contact while girls’ lacrosse is a non-contact sport.

What ages play in the Founders League?


Within each grade group, Towns will create teams of blended grades with balanced capability

  • Teams will include girls from both Grades 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6, and 7 & 8.
  • Towns with more than one team in an grade group will make every effort to balance the talent levels of the team so that all teams are of equal skill, (i.e. there should be no leveling into A teams and B teams). Stacking teams with only the better players is not allowed.
  • Games will be played with the following number of players: 
    • Grades 7/8 and 5/6 
      • 12 v 12: Eleven field players and a goalie.
    • Grades 3/4
      • 8 v 8: Seven field players and a goalie
      • 2 players from each team must remain behind the midfield (the restraining line)
      • No more than 6 players on or over the restraining line in their offensive end and no more than 7 players on or over the restraining line in their defensive end.
    • Grades 1/2
      • 7 v 7. Seven field players. No goalies are used. Shot blockers are used instead.

What rules do the leagues follow?

Founders teams follow US Lacrosse rules with a few exceptions. Otherwise, the leagues follow these rules:

  • 1st through 4th grade – Level C
  • 5th through 6th grade – Level B
  • 7th through 8th grade – Level A

Are players required to have a colored mouth guard?
Mass Bay follows US Lacrosse’s guidelines regarding mouth guards. All mouth guards must be colored. No protrusions, such as tabs, are permitted.
Do players have to obtain US Lacrosse membership?

Yes, all players (and coaches) must obtain US Lacrosse membership prior to starting the season. MBGLL requires US Lacrosse membership to take advantage of its insurance benefits. No one may step onto the field without a current US Lacrosse membership.