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Canyon Creek Little League

Board Meeting Minutes                      September 12, 2011

Toltec Cabana


Present:  Lorraine Kalich, Paul Leffel, Josh Nevarez, Jeni Bernard, John Morris, Michael Marver, Scott Love, Amy Steinmetz, Gary Wallace, Michael Kanceljak, David Lawrence, David Verespey, John Giffins, Diana Waterson.


            The meeting was called to order by Lorraine Kalich at 7:10 p.m.


            1.  Presidents Report   Amy Steinmetz addressed the board and shared her vision for CCLL’s upcoming season. 


            2.  Treasurer Report  Michael Marver is closing out the fiscal year and will have the taxes prepared and filed. There is still no report on the proceeds raised at the golf tournament.


            4.  Safety Review – There are no safety  items at this time.  Michael Kanceljak will review the report and update if needed.  An email will go out to the division directors reminding them of the procedures on reporting an injury.


            5.  General Discussion


a.      Annual Membership MeetingThe annual membership meeting was held and the new Executive Board was voted in.  Changes were made to the Bylaws reflecting the new Board structure.


b.      Warm Up Days – CCLL will hold pre-tryout warm up days.  John Morris will look into times and locations and will coordinate with the City.


c.       Registration – Registration opens October 1, 2011.  Banners and flyers will go out to the various schools. It was discussed in offering an incentive for those that register early.  A reminder of the capping rule will go out to the league. 


d.      Tryouts   Tryouts will be held December 3rd and 4th.  Managers and Coaches are encouraged to participate in helping the tryouts run smoothly.


e.       Batting Cages  - Scott Anderson has drawn up a plot plan for the placement of the new batting cages.  A proposal needs to be put together and presented to the City and School District before further actions can be taken.


f.        “A” Division It was decided that the “A” division would be divided into two divisions, “Junior A” and “Senior A”.  Junior A would be for entry level players and Senior A would be for players with advanced skills.  Gary Wallace will email “A” managers and coaches asking for feedback for the proper placement of players.


g.      Home Run Fences – It was suggested that a home run fence be purchased for Twin Creeks.  Further discussion to follow.


h.      Draft – John Morris will look into reserving the Toltec cabana for the Draft to be held on December 11, 2011.


i.        EquipmentNew catchers gear needs to be purchased (in blue).  The Board decided to distribute three sets per managers (new, good condition and an old set for them to keep).  The old gear will be marked for identification. 


            Next Board Meeting – October 17, 2011.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted:

Jeni Bernard – CCLL Secretary 2010/2011.