Providing a safe hockey experience for children and young adults with developmental disabilities.

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Game Play Special Hockey Rules 
These rules serve as general guidelines for games and may be modified for the enjoyment of all the players by the respective coaches.
Each team may have five (5) skaters plus one (1) goaltender on the ice during play.
In addition, one (1) or more “roamers” may be on the ice during play with both coaches in agreement.
Roaming players can, but are not required, to utilize “pushers” for balance.
There is no limit to the number of players a team has on its roster for a game.
The game will consist of various divisions based on skill levels (A, B, C).

There are no icings or off sides.
Slap shots are not allowed. A whistle is blown and a face-off occurs as USA Hockey rules dictate.
Play is non-checking and only incidental contact is allowed.

Beginner Division (Junior Division) – Play is three (3), fifteen (15) minute running time periods.
Horn or whistle blows every three (3) minutes to allow for line changes.

Advanced Division (Senior Division) – Play is three (3), fifteen (15) minute running time periods.
Change on the fly or at the stoppage of play (whistle) at the discretion of the referee.

Penalties are issued for tripping, holding, roughing and un-sportsmanlike behavior.
Penalties will result in a penalty shot.
Non-offending team may elect to have a player serve a two (2) minute penalty in addition to a penalty shot.
Players exhibiting aggressive behavior must serve a two (2) minute penalty.
Coach of non-offending team may choose any player to take the penalty shot.
An unlimited number of shots are allowed on a penalty shot. Referee blows whistle at his/her discretion.

*All players must be registered with American Special Hockey Association or appropriate federation and have proper equipment and uniforms. Mouth guards are recommended, but not required.

***Each coach should attempt to match lines with similarly skilled players from the other team. The more skilled players from team ‘A’ should be matched with players of the same skill level on team ‘B.’