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  • Coaching proper mechanics & fundamentals are crucial in this division.  Start networking early to find strong coaching. 
  • This level is a trickle down of players from AAA assessments as well as a division above machine pitch.  Get to know the different rules for this league because they are completely different from other levels.  Review all coaching forms, player requests & evaluations.  All coaches must have their CAl Ripken Coaching certificate.
  • Stay in close contact with the other Player Reps.  This will help for team selection. Set up a time with Minor A and AAA coaches for the correct list of players.  Try to set up 2 strong coaches for each team. Set this up before team selection.  It is always best to have larger team numbes  with better coaching.
  • The main playing field is Mattie 1.  Get to know the combination for storage lockers, gate and portable toilets.
  • Mattie 1 - learn the water source as well as field maintenance needs
  • Set up a list of guidelines for coaches to follow for field prep - before & after practices & games.  Ensure all are following these rules
  • Set up a timie with the Equipment Coordinator to get all of the AA gear for each team. (hand this out at Field DAy)
  • Hold a field day/equipment day/coache's clinic out at Mattie on the Saturday after coaches and teams are formed. It is very important to get ever coach on the same page before the season starts. After the coaches put in a few hours of field prep & listen in on a short coaching clinic, only then do they get their gear bags.
  • Keep all coaches phone number & email addresses handy & get to know the Windsor Baseball website & passwords.
  • Be available to coaches as well as parents for answers to questions.  Refer to the website as often as possible.
  • After the season, coaches will paln their own parties.  There are NO participation trophies for this division.  Any trophies the players receive will be at their own team's expense.
  • FINALLY, gear bags, player jersey, as well as player evaluation forms will be collected at the last game of the seaon & placed in the conex box or given to the Equipment Coordinator.