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Dear ALC Families and Players,


2017 Player Expectations and Team Policies:

Alexandria Lacrosse Club (ALC) is committed to helping our players learn and enjoy the game of lacrosse in a structured and fun environment. 

All registered players will be placed on an ALC team following player evaluations. 

ALC “A” teams are usually comprised of those athletes who have previous playing experience and have demonstrated advanced skills during player evaluations.  

Those players that are offered roster spots on ALC “A” teams are expected to make a commitment to ALC to give their best at all times. We strongly believe that team preparation is of most importance, and in order to adequately prepare for our season, it is essential for all players to be at practices and games so that the individual player is well prepared and so that the team cohesively works together. 

In consideration of teammates and coaches, it is expected that players will attend scheduled practices, games and playoffs through the end of the season and playoffs (June 11, 2017).  As a general guide for planning purposes, all ALC teams, with the exception of girls K2 and boys U9 modified), practice two times per week and play games on Saturdays (boys) and Sundays (girls). 

In the event that a player wishes to be excused from a practice or game, he/she must inform his/her coach as soon as possible in advance of his/her absence.   Examples of an excused absence may include:

  • Attending a significant family event or religious holiday
  • Attending a mandatory school activity
  • Absences related to required commitments on other teams

ALC coaches reserve the right to limit game playing time based on these expectations as well as any additional expectations that he/she sets forth for his/her team prior to the start of the season.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to play a role in your child’s youth lacrosse experience.