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What practice equipment is used the first two weeks?
The rules come directly from the WIAA that we are required to follow.  The rule is the first 2 days are helmet only with athletic clothes and cleats.  The next 3 days are helmets and shoulder pads only.  You MUST complete all 5 days before going full pads.  On the 6th day, it is full gear.  The rules from the WIAA website is here:  https://www.wiaawi.org/Portals/0/PDF/Health/WIAA-ACCLIMATIZATION.pdf

How often do the teams practice?
Prior to school starting, 7th & 8th grade teams are able to practice up to 5 days in a week.  4th-6th grade teams are able to practice up to 4 days in a week.

Once school starts, 7th & 8th grade teams are able to practice up to 3 days in a week. 4th-6th grade teams are able to practice up to 3 days in a week.

What days do the teams practice?
After evaluations:

5th-6th will practice M,T, TH  (1st two weeks MAY be M-Th.  Talk to your coach)
7th & 8th practice M-TH

What days are games played on?

4th-5th grade:  Saturdays

6th grade:  games are played on Saturday mornings.

7th & 8th grades:  games are typically played on Tuesday evenings. 

How do I change my email address, or other info?
Go to menu on left of page, click Edit My Info, log in using info used when registering your child online.

What do I do if I am having equipment troubles like broken snap, lost pads, or need helmet adjustments?
Coaches have extra pices and parts for equipment, and may be able to repair.  If not, please email

Are there scholarships available and how do I get one?
Wildcat youth Football does have scholarships available. The amount and who qualifies depends on many different factors. You may apply for a scholarship at the time of registration or contact Tony DiMaggio at
All materials and application fee must be turned in by Feb 28th to be considered.

Can I request my son be on the same team as our neighbor or friends?  We like to carpool.
No. The 1st week of practice is an evaluation period. Kids are then divided to create evenly matched teams. All teams in any given grade will be practicing on the same field at the same time. Wildcat Youth Football uses a grade level practice approach. 

My child wants to play multiple sports in the fall, will this effect playing time?
Because football is a complex team sport, attending most practices is crucial or it may be hard to learn all aspects of the game needed to succeed and be safe. Coaches should play kids who attend all practices as evenly as possible. Kids who continually miss practice may see reduced play time.

Are there play time requirements the coach must adhere to?

Coaches are required to play kids as equally as possible. With that said, sometimes a child may play on offense or defense and they may not carry the ball for certain games. Coaches may also reduce playtime for poor attitude, lack of effort, and missed practice. If a child's time is being reduced the coach need to report the board and the parent/child the reasoning behind this.

It is hard for me to get my 7th/8th grade child to games on weeknights especially by 5pm? Why don't they start games later?

7th & 8th graders often must be dismissed from school early in order to travel to an away game. We understand it can be tough for parents but with games often lasting 2 hours and daylight and fields being limited, we must schedule some games earlier. This is sometime inconvenient for some parents, however if you talk to your coach, or team rep or other parents on the team, they are almost always willing to help with transportation.

Why isn't there a bus for these games?

The cost to bus kids to games can be over $400 per game. This is not an expense the club can absorb without drastically increasing registration fees. Some teams in the past have organized this for their own team, but WYF does not encourage it due the extra cost.