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Simsbury Little League
Volunteer Requirements & Information


All adults who are interested in volunteering for Simsbury Little League as a manager, coach or umpire are required to complete a background check. This is a Williamsport Little League mandate. Only volunteers who have successfully completed their background check annually will be permitted on practice or game fields, including any parent or adult who wishes to help with field maintenance before games and practices.


Below are guidelines on who needs to fill out an application:

  • All managers or coaches over the age of 16 who interact with the players on a practice or game field including helping with field maintenance
  • All umpires over the age of 16 (note:  youth umpires between the ages of 12 and 15 are NOT required to complete a volunteer application
  • Team administrators do NOT need to complete a volunteer application

All approved volunteer applications from the spring season are valid for the full calendar year which includes both the spring and fall seasons.  

Applicants should allow at least a few days for applications to be processed.  Some applications take longer than others, sometimes up to a week.

Please read below the suspension policy for managers and/or parents who fail to comply with this volunteer policy.


Volunteer Application Process

If you would like to volunteer please email Julie Trythall, Director of Volunteer Applications, at JMTrythall@yahoo.comEveryone will need to email Julie individually to request a background check.  We can not process bulk requests.  Julie will email you a link to complete your background check using our preferred vendor.  Please specify in your email if you are a returning or new volunteer.

All questions related to volunteer applications can be directed to
Julie Trythall by email or additional contact information can be found on the board contacts page.

Tentative Schedule
January 1st:  Volunteer application processing begins for the spring season.
March/April:  The listing of approved volunteers will be posted on the SLL website;  it will be updated every few days until the deadline date
March 31:  Deadline for all applications to be submitted for spring season.
September 1:  Deadline for the fall season.

Approved Volunteer Listing
The list of approved volunteers will be posted on the Documents tab of the website in the Volunteer folder.

Suspension Policy
Below is the suspension policy for managers and/or parents who do not comply with Simsbury Little League's volunteer application policy. 

Manager Non-Compliance
A manager who allows anyone over the age of 16 who has not been pre-approved by the SLL Board of Directors to participate and interact with SLL players on a practice or game field by will be suspended. Suspensions are as follows:

Pre-Season Suspensions are enforced after application deadline has passed and all applications have been processed: Manager is suspended immediately plus two practices

In-Season Suspensions:

  • 1st offense: Manager is suspended immediately, current game plus 2 games
  • 2nd offense: Manager suspended immediately, current game plus 5 games
  • 3rd offense: Manager suspended for the duration of the season

Parent Non-Compliance
Anyone over the age of 16 who has not been pre-approved as a coach by SLL Board of Directors who participates and interacts with SLL players by coaching on a practice or game field is suspended for the entire season and must apply for reinstatement the following year.


Volunteers Needed
Simsbury Little League is a 100% volunteer run organization.  We are always looking for parents to help run the organization.  Below are some areas where we need help.  Please contact the appropriate board member to find out more information.

Team Administrators
Team Administrators are a vital role in our league and each team needs a team administrator.  When your child's team is formed, please let the team manager know that you would willing to assist in this role.  The team administrator assists in coordinating team photo day, collecting money from parents for post game soda’s, and sending periodic communication updates to parents. The role of a team administrator does not require a volunteer application / background check. If you are interested please discuss with the manager of your child's team.  

Field Maintenance
These volunteers are asked to help ensure the fields are safe to play on for our little leaguers. They are to report any field safety concerns / issues to board members. They are expected to help in the annual field clean up day held prior to opening day for the spring season as well as year end cleanup after fall ball. We also ask that they help in keeping our facility liter free. Additionally, help would be greatly appreciated with bringing the garbage barrels over to the dumpster the night prior to garbage pick up. If you are interested please contact the League President - contact information is found on the board contacts page.  

We’re always looking for help in our sponsorship program. These volunteers would help in contacting local business owners to gauge their interest in purchasing outfield banners and managing those accounts. SLL supports our local businesses!!!  If you are interested please contact the Director of Fundraising - contact information is found on the board contacts page.

SLL Umpire-in-Chief Support
Our SLL Umpire in Chief spends an incredible amount of time at the fields to monitor and develop our youth umpires. We are always looking for volunteers who can assist in training and supervising our youth umpires.  Volunteers would be asked to participate in the spring umpire clinic which is typically in April.  This clinic is geared towards developing umpires and defining Williamsport and Simsbury Little League rules. Volunteers would then be asked to monitor umpires during games on a rotation.  Please contact the Umpire-in-Chief - contact information is found on the board contacts page.

Open SLL Board Positions
Each year there are open board positions as parents leave the league.  Please see the board contacts page to see what positions are currently open.  For more information on a particular position contact the League President - contact information is found on the board contacts page.

Flower Bed Maintenance
Memorial Park has two areas where flowers are planted and the gardens are mulched.  The first area is around the Memorial Park sign at the entrance to the park.  The other area is around the concessions building.  If you are interested in helping to maintain either of these areas please contact the League president - contact information is found on the board contacts page.