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Canyon Creek Little League
Board Meeting Minutes                      June 20, 2011
Toltec Cabana
Present:  Kelvin Friedel, Lorraine Kalich, John Morris, Michael Marver, Jeni Bernard, Michelle Simpson, Phil Tsang, David Lawrence, John Giffins, Anne Reed, Amy Steinmetz, Gary Wallace, Joshua Nevarez, Scott Anderson, Paul Leffel, Tessie Gonzales
The meeting was called to order by Kelvin Friedel at 7:07 p.m.
            1.  Presidents Report– Kelvin addressed the board and thanked them for their hard work and for a successful season.  With upcoming elections, Kelvin suggested that the incoming board commit to a position for more than one year.   He also suggested, if possible, that the incoming President not be a manager or coach.  Lorraine Kalich will send out an email to the current board asking if they will continue in their position and will find out what positions need to be filled.
            2.  Treasurer Report– Michael Marver reported that the revenue was as projected.  Volunteer fees are still being reimbursed and the drop dead date is June 30.  The league received $8,000 in sponsorship this year. 
            3.  Training Coordinator– Josh Nevarez indicated that there was not enough participation in the discretionary training.  Timing and cost changes were discussed and perhaps more advertising in order to get a better turnout. It was also discussed in moving the team training up to mid-January.
             4.  General Discussion
                a.  Playoffs -  It was brought to the board’s attention that several individuals were upset that playoffs were single elimination this season (due to rain).  Several suggestions were made to remedy this for next season (have the league play fewer games during the regular season giving time for rainouts, end the season a week earlier, play two games per night on a scheduled field or have three games a week, with the division directors helping scheduling fields.  In the future a policy needs to be put in place for rainouts for the regular season and playoffs so there is no confusion.
                b.  RecruitingThe league needs more managers for the younger divisions.  There were too many players assigned to a team this season.  It was suggested in giving the managers and coaches a fee reduction in order to entice more participation. 
                c.  Injury Rule – It was discussed in putting together an injury committee to evaluate season ending injuries.  It was suggested that a team be allowed to play with 11 players if an injured player is due to be back within a reasonable time frame.  Further discussion to follow.
                d.  All-Stars– John Giffins and Tessie Gonzales will be looking into and coordinating  the upcoming all-star tournament schedule.
                e.  Equipment– All teams but five have returned their equipment.  Scott Anderson will inventory all the old gear and will look into donating it to a charity. 
                f.  Danville4th of July Parade – Anne Reed suggested that Canyon Creek Little League participate in the Danville Parade.  A motion was made and seconded that CCLL participate in the upcoming parade and that $70 would be allocated for such participation.  All were in favor and the motion passed.  An email blast will go out to the league letting them know of this event.
                g. Golf Tournament - BJ Campbell Memorial Golf Tournament will be held at Crow Canyon Country Club on Monday, August 8.  All proceeds will go to benefit CCLL. An email reminder will go out to the league.
                h.  Batting Cages  -  A committee of Josh Nevarez, Gary Wallace, Scott Anderson, Michael Marver and Paul Leffel will look into the permitting and construction of a batting cage, possibly to be located at Bollinger Elementary.
                i.  Single A Division – There was some discussion on how to keep “A” division interesting for kids who are in that division for the second year.  It’s hard to go from coach pitch back to kid pitch in year 2.  It was discussed in implementing a minor “A” and major “A” designation with different pitching rules. 
                j.  50/70 – Kelvin Friedel discussed implementing the 50/70 program during the regular season.  Majors Divisions would play 12 games using little league rules and the rest of the season playing by 50/70 rules.  A 50/70 committee will be put together to help the league making this program successful.
Next Board Meeting– August 15, 2011.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted:
Jeni Bernard – CCLL Secretary 2010/2011