Our mission is to organize competitive youth basketball teams and instructional basketball programs for elementary through high school boys in Rocklin and the South Placer County area. Our teams and programs are built on teaching solid fundamentals and a

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Rocklin, CA
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YBA- AAU/Club Team

Summer 2020

June-Aug 2nd

  • $250 Practices/Games/Tournaments Incoming 4th Brice, Degroft, Incoming Panthers 5th/6th (8-10 Games) (Register Here)
  • $350 Practices/Games/Tournament Most AAU Teams (14-16 Games) (Register Here)

(Meet The Coaches)

YBA will be OPEN JUNE 1st the teams will start with Workouts, Practices and transition into Scrimmages then Games then Tournament Play as the county allows. Hardwood is Opening on June 8th for Basketball Clinics (Click Here).

YBA OPENED IN MAY with strict health and safety protocols (Click Here). We have cleaned the facilities and upgraded YBA to new standards.

With Sacramento/Placer County stores, restaurants, malls, pro sports practices open or opening, we have taken the necessary steps to open to the public (Click Here).

What does the Summer Program look like? Winter/Spring Teams will stay the same. If there are open roster spots we will fill them with new player tryouts. (New Player Tryouts ONLY Click Here)

June/Aug 2nd Details 8-9 Weeks

Details, Practice days and times to be announced in the upcoming days. 

We will be ready to compete with games as the county allows. Hardwood is hoping to have games middle June and transition into tournaments by July (or sooner depending on State/County).

Note: I have heard events may have higher team entry rates, may have protocols and limits on spectators. Be ready to start with no parent(s) and transitioning into one in stands (standards may change each month per State/County). I am hoping parents can do Facebook Live, Google Meets or Zoom and stream the games for each other. Many promoters hope to do events late June and do more in July.

I know some families may not be ready to come back due to high risk family members. Just let us know when you’re ready and we will find a team or prorate you at any time.

Feel free to contact me with questions. (9162765367) Kengeeyba@gmail.com

Ken Gee YBA Director