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COST:                   $100 HS Athlete (5 days per week)      $80 MS COED Grades 6,7,8 (MWF)
DATES:                June 4th thru July 20th  (July 4 - 6 Closed for Holiday)
TIMES:                 M/W/F – Strength Training      (MS includes Agility and Conditioning)
                                Session I                7:30 - 9:00            (Soph., Jr., Sr.)                     
                                Session II              9:00 - 10:00          (Freshmen)                                           
Session III             10:00 - 11:00       (Middle School 6-8)
                                T/TH – Speed and Agility  5:30 - 7:00
                                High School Athletes (Fr., Soph., Jr., Sr.)
SIGN UP:              Send Form and Check to PO Box 280968 Lakewood, CO 80226
CHECKS:             Green Mountain Football
DRESS:                 T-Shirt, Shorts, and Tennis Shoes
INFO:                    Contact Tom Ward, Head Football Coach, @ 303-912-2941
NAME ____________________________________           GRADE (2012 -13 School Year) ____________
SESSION:  ____________                  
ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________________________________
PHONE   (H) _____________________   (C) ____________________________   (W) _______________________
EMAIL:    ________________________________________________________
We, (or I), hereby request that you accept this application for enrollment.  We, (or I), hereby release Green Mountain High School and Green Mountain Football Booster Club and their employees from all claims on account of any injuries which may be sustained by our (or my) son/daughter while attending the summer strength and conditioning program and its employees for any claim which may hereafter be presented by our (or my) son or daughter as a result of any such injury.  I, the undersigned, am aware and appreciate that there are risks of injury involved in my participation in strength training and agility training activities at Green Mountain High School during the summer.  Signing this statement is intended to make us (or me) aware of my responsibilities in preventing potential injuries or harm, reporting actual injuries, and complying with the treatment plan of my health care providers and indicates that I understand and appreciate the risks involved with my participation.  I understand that this includes the risk of brain and spinal cord injury that may result in paralysis, other permanent injury, or possibly death.
Student/Athlete Signature _______________________________________    Date _______________
Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________________   Date _______________