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Creating & Using Team Pages Hosted on the D-S Boosters Website


Initial set-up is completed by the Boosters webmaster 

Maintaining the team pages is the responsibility of the team, through one or more administrators (e.g. Captain Parent)
Maintaining the student athlete and parents contact information is the responsibility of the family

Administrative tasks are fairly easy; a Quick Guide provides short cuts and reminders
Administrator(s) can login with their personal email and password to post news, photos and other content.


There is a Basic Version of team pages, plus three options that include the Basic Version and additional features, if desired:


Basic Version

Team Contacts section: Coaches, Captains, Captains Parents
Ability to post bulletins or news on the team home page
Ability to upload pictures
NO ability to email team from website in Basic Version (email capability requires Roster Option)
Ability to link directly to a team schedule on the MIAA website (or other non-MIAA websites)

Roster Option – providing names of players, coaches, etc.; enables the following:

Send emails to all team contacts (includes parents)
Bulletins/news can be both posted on the website and emailed to team contacts 
Roster section with player names (contact information is password protected)

Can assign player #s, identify captains and post player positions

A “Tryout Roster” can be created to enhance pre-season communications

Set-up: Admin provides players, coaches, captains and student managers names to webmaster

Webmaster uses contact info as listed in school directory and Boosters DB
Additional family email addresses can be added; Admin provides info to webmaster

Schedule Option – somewhat redundant to the MIAA schedule, but with some additional features:

Schedule and Calendar sections: games, practices and other events (e.g. car wash, pasta dinner, etc.)

Date, time, location, maps and directions to events

Can track league, non-league, tournament and MIAA playoff games

Results section: post game scores; can also add commentary and stats 

The Results section requires using the Schedule section

Set-up: NOTE: if you do not intend to post game/match scores (RESULTS), loading the game schedule is NOT NECESSARY. Parents can click around the MIAA website for the team schedule

MIAA schedule website is used and managed by DSHS Athletic Department for DSHS game schedules. If you use the Boosters team page Schedule section for games, it must be diligently maintained for accuracy.

Additional Team Pages Options – links to other sites, team documents and other team specific pages can be added. Contact the webmaster for assistance to create these custom pages.

All Options Example: 2014-15 Boys Hockey Team Pages


To get started on launching Boosters hosted team pages

  1. Determine which team web pages options are needed; notify the webmaster for confirmation; configuration will be started by the webmaster;
  2. Confirm Admin(s) contact (Captains Parents) information and send changes to the webmaster.
  3. Confirm Coach(s) contact information and send changes to the webmaster.