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Some Helpful Tips for Student Athletes

Excellent Resource: https://www.nscaa.com/membership/recruiting-guides



An important step in the college recruitment process is for players to contact coaches on their own. Coaches would much rather spend their time evaluating players that have expressed a genuine interest in attending their college. Coaches also find it helpful to have a general idea as to if a player will fit into the academic environment of their school (most coaches will want to know GPA and intended major).
Prior contact from players not only helps to attract coaches to a particular tournament but it also increases the likelihood that a coach will view one of your team's games during the tournament. Contacting coaches is a critical part in a student's effort to be recruited to play in college.
Contact information for coaches is always available on the college's website. Search in Athletics (sometimes in "Student Life" area). Most programs have a specific online recruiting form that players fill out. In addition, the coach's email address will be listed on an Athletics Staff Directory page.

Once again an email to the coach would look like the following.

Dear ____________________ (Coach's Full Name),
I would like to introduce myself as a potential player in your program. My name is ______________ and I play for the Eastern FC _______________. I am interested in learning more about your school and soccer team. I play _____________ (position) and am number ________. 
Below is my schedule of college showcases as well as my league schedule. I would like for you to see me play and if you are going to be able to make any of my games, please let me know. 
(You should also take the time to write a sentence or two personalizing this email. You can congratulate the coach on their previous season, a birth to the NCAAs, All Academic players, something you are very interested in academically at the school, something about the school that really interests you, etc. The more personal you make it, the more seriously you will be taken as a potential candidate.)
*IF YOU HAVE A VIDEO LINK YOU CAN INSERT IT HERE AS WELL (This becomes helpful in the initial introduction as the coach can take a quick peak at your ability)
Once again, thank you for your time, and I look forward to speaking to you soon.
Attached you will find my profile with all necessary contact information. 
Finally, please keep track of the schools you email and the responses you get. Keep track of the contact information as well so you can easily access it. You can also call the coaches to leave a message or speak to the coach directly. If you have any questions please contact:
Brandon Beck,  efcbeck@gmail.com


College Coaches appreciate and are more interested in players that have done some research before they initiate communication. A general statement that you are interested in their program, in most cases, is not good enough and will not capture the attention of a coach, who routinely receives hundreds of emails. Be specific about what you like about the college as well as what you have learned that might attract you to the soccer program that is offered. Again, coaches are looking for players that have a genuine interest. If your email looks like it went out as a mass distribution, a coach is less likely to take notice.
Be particular and concise about the information that you provide. A coach does not need to hear your life story in an initial contact. Also, avoid using commonplace, general statements. Coaches want players to be selective, not only in the schools that a player decides to contact but also in the information that a player provides.

Recruiting 101  
Your talent, skills and hard work have put you in a position to be recruited.  Here are 3 steps 
that are an essential part of the recruiting process:
Step 1: Start Early  

Start early, stay eligible and keep your 
grades up
 beginning with your Freshmen 

Work on keeping your GPA above 3.0 
and get involved with clubs as well as 
within your community.  Coaches look 
for well-rounded individuals that will 
represent their program and school well.   

Be aware of information posted on the 
internet.  Coaches routinely check online networking sites such as MySpace, 
Facebook and even Google when 
checking up on possible recruits.

Step 3: Be Prepared

Respond immediately to any material 
that is sent to you
Make as many 
visits as you can and don't hesitate to
call them.  

Ask the coaches about their programs.
Be prepared to talk to them on the
phone about your future plans and how
their specific program is for you.  


Step 2: Promote Yourself

You must contact the coaches first!  
College coaches have come to expect 
that you will take the initiative to begin
the recruiting process.

Promote yourself to coaches with Cover 
Letters, updated Sports Resumes and 
Sports Videos that specifically highlight 
your achievements

Create your initial list of colleges and research 
their athletic programs.  Have your skills
objectively evaluated and work with your 
coaches on which level of collegiate play 
is best suited for you.