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About Summit Junior Baseball & Girls Fast Pitch Softball

Summit Junior Baseball and Girls Fast Pitch Softball is a not-for-profit all-volunteer organization established in 1971.  Since that time it has grown along with Summit's youth population.  Since its origination, our organization has seen tens of thousands of Summit children participate in its programs.  Each year we field over 100 baseball and softball teams for approximately 1500 children for the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.

Our Organization has hundreds of volunteers dedicated to delivering a quality baseball and girls softball program to Summit’s youth.  Our volunteers are the key to our ability to offer these programs.  No one in our orgainzation is paid.  Not surprising for Summit, over the years thousands of players' parents and others have answered this call.  At least 250 parents and others volunteer each year as coaches, umpires, administrators or just occasional helpers to ensure that Summit's children are offered a quality program.

No funds are provided by the City of Summit to run the League.  Our Organization must raise its own funds to run its programs. 

The Organization's contributions are not limited to just offering its baseball and softball programs to Summit's youth.  It uses the funds raised through its registration fees and fundraisers to provide to Summit's baseball and softball players recreation facilities that Summit's residents expect.

For example, each year the Organization purchases infield mix to be used on Summit's various playing fields.   It has purchased and installed the backstops standing at the Jefferson, Wilson and Lincoln-Hubbard Fields, in addition to the bleachers at the Jefferson Field, batting cages at Wilson, Memorial and Jefferson fields, tractors, grass seed, outfield fences and equipment sheds at all Summit fields used by our teams. 

The League has also purchased uniforms and equipment for the high school baseball and girls softball teams. 

Our efforts over the years have gained the confidence of many people in and outside Summit.  These individuals, in turn, have felt very comfortable donating toward the construction of much needed facilities.  Without them, and our dedicated volunteers, these facilities, and this program, would not be available to Summit and future generations of youth baseball and softball players. 

These contributions, and many more, by our Organization and its volunteers go generally unrecognized.  However, without the ongoing dedication of generations of volunteers, our community would not have many of the facilities it now enjoys, nor would our youth have experienced the benefits and rewards of being a part of one of New Jersey's most dynamic and innovative youth sports programs.

We gratefully acknowledge and thank each and every one of our thousands of volunteers and contributors over the last 40 plus years.