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Cell Tower Lease

The proposed cell tower lease must be voted on by general membership.  Voting must be completed by 8/6/2011.  Voting will be done online.  Voting can only be done once per internet connection so please be sure that your voting is accurate and complete (all adult votes included).

One vote per adult as follows: Family Membership - up to 2 adults,  Couples Membership - up to 2 adults, Singles Membership - 1 adult.  

Due to the confidential nature of the lease, documents cannot be posted to the website or emailed.  In the document below you will find a summary of the key points in the cell tower lease.  To read the full copy of the 40 page lease, please go to the guard office.  If you would like your own copy to read, the club will provide a photocopy at the cost of $5.00 to cover the cost of photocopying.

After you have reviewed the documents, click here to cast your vote online. 



Click on   the name to view the document
July 2011 - Summary of Cell Tower Lease