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Glenbrooke Wi Fi Access
Registration and Policy

Glenbrooke has established Wi Fi access for the benefit of it's members.

There are two access points available:

NETGator_SNACK and NETGator_CLUB, for the snack bar and clubhouse areas respectively. 

The network requires members to enter a password.  The network's temporary password is "YellowSubmarine"

Members wishing to obtain the password and access the NETGator Wi Fi network must register their devices by completing the Member Wi Fi Information Form.

If you know your device's physical address you may apply online otherwise, see the Pool Director.

To apply online, click here to read the Glenbrooke Wireless Policy
Then click here to register your device

To apply in person at the club, click here to print the Glenbrooke Wireless Policy
and Registration Form
and take it to the Guard Office.