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PDP Mission & Information

Objective of the Player Development Program
The Objective of the PDP is to identify, develop, and showcase the top motivated players within each age group in Northern California, provide specialized training with experienced coaches, and offer opportunities for college, US National team and US & International Professional Soccer Club exposure. In addition, the PDP seeks to recommend some of it’s most talented players to attend U.S. Club Soccer’s id2 Player Identification Program Training Camps.

Structure of the PDP
• Director - Paolo Bonomo
• Administrator - Hilda Olivera
• Staff - various coaches from around Northern California

How players are selected for the PDP?
1) NorCal Premier sends out a letter to all Club Directors of Coaching (DOC’s) and coaches, in a particular age group asking for recommendations of players. The recommendations can ONLY be made by DOC’s or Coaches.
2) The DOC’s and/or coaches fill out the form and send it to NorCal Premier (online registration coming soon).
3) NorCal Premier invites the players to a tryout.
4) NorCal Premier evaluates the player and makes selections - Please note the number of players selected depend on the aim of the program or event (for more information see age group objectives below)

Type of Player to Recommend
The type of player we will ask you to recommend will vary according to the age group and program. For example, when we host a US National Team Staff member or a Professional Club Coach we may ask you to recommend only the top players from the state, while in our Regional Training Program we are looking for top, motivated players who are representative of the top 30 players per region ages 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997 our "search". We will always explain clearly which level we are looking for in each opportunity.
All recommended players should be motivated and amongst the top players in your club’s age group. In addition, they should be players who are dominating due to their soccer ability rather than size. We would like to be clear, while there are some players who may be the best in their age group due to their size and athleticism, there are others who are smaller, and talented but may not be as effective at this time. We are very interested in those players who have talent and are motivated, but due to their size and physical immaturity are not necessarily as effective at this time as those larger and more physically mature players. Finally, we are looking for players with a feeling and a vision of the game, extremely well developed skills and a passion for playing their sport.

Player Development Program Events
• U10/U11/U12  - Regional Training Program: At this age group our goal assist clubs in developing their top, motivated players by selecting the top 30 players per region and providing them training 2 times per month. From this pool of players we will form Regional PDP teams in each age group, from each region and host "PDP Play Dates" - where PDP Regional teams will meet at a common site and play games vs. other regions. The PDP coaching staff host "PDP Training Days" in each region (around 6 regions), 2 times a month (Primarily Monday’s) and to provide extra training - bringing the top players in each region together. Our PDP staff does this in cooperation with the clubs and utilize qualified club’s coaches/directors. Most session are open to any coach wanting to attend for coaches education.
NOTE: Players, that are not selected for the pool, might try-out again (months later) at one of the open training.

• U12/U13/U14 - Recommend to the US Club Soccer id2 Program for US National Team Scouting:
• U16/U17 - College Showcase/Professional showcasing
• U15/U16/U17- National Team showcasing
• Use PDP players for coaches education. For example- if the Ajax director is giving coaches education, he will use the PDP players

Cost of the PDP and how the program is funded-
• The program is free for the players to participate in.
• The league funds the PDP program using part of team registration fee from any NorCal Premier League events.

• Work with the clubs to secure fields

• Partnership with Fiorentina. At the regional training center all the players are trained with the “Fiorentina Method”. Fiorentina has developed a scientific method and it focuses a lot on the psycho-motor and coordination for young players.
• When they bring in other coaches from various clubs (Ajax, Liverpool, Chivas, etc..), they expose the players and coaches to different philosophies.

• E-mail to database of players
• Website has calendar for all upcoming PDP events

Nor Cal Premier’s Player Development Program is constantly evolving. Where the program was 3-4 years ago, to where it is today, and where it is going in the future, has been a process built around a few core ideas. The ultimate goal of the program is to create a profile of each PDP player through years of participation at the regional training center. This type of player evaluation is more in line with the rest of the world, and moves away from the typical “try-out” evaluation.