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Referee Assignments

Sign up and/or update your information at RefCenter

  1. Be sure that the email addresses for both you and your parents are correct and up to date.
  2. Enter your availability for each month within the current season.

Check your email daily for game offers

  1. Please accept or decline assignments ASAP!
  2. Make a note of your assignment so you don't forget.
  3. Print your schedule the night before and bring it with you to your assignment.

If you cannot do a game that you have accepted

  1. Go to your assignments at RefCenter and decline the assigned game.
  2. If the game is less than three days away, you must email or call the rescheduler.

WARNING about no-shows

  1. First no-show, you get a warning.
  2. Second no-show, you will have to referee one extra game to earn a bonus.
  3. Third no-show, you will not be eligible for any bonus.
To get paid, follow the Post-Game Instructions.

updated 9/8/12