Recreation summer swim club in East Hartford, Connecticut, offering swimming lessons, springboard diving lessons, tennis lessons, swim team, springboard diving team, tennis team, connecticut

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Sign Up For Swim And Dive Team 

Ready To Sign Up For Swim Or Dive Team?

If you haven't already, you need to register your membership in the Online Registration System and provide information about each family member before you can sign up for lessons or teams. 

New Members Only - click here to register your membership.

Select your membership type (Family or Junior Sport) and follow the directions to register.
You will be prompted to establish a Login ID and Password.
Once the registration process is complete you can then sign up for lessons and teams

ALL MEMBERS  Swim Or Dive Team - Click here to sign up


WARNING:  If you try to sign up for lessons or teams without going through the membership registration
process first, you will not be able to establish a Login ID and Password.  Returning members do not need to re-register their membership and can skip this step.