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BGSL  Volunteers

The Brownsburg Girls Softball League is an all-volunteer organization, dedicated to providing Recreational Girls Softball opportunities for girls from the age of 5-19 at an affordable price.  We are not affiliated with Brownsburg Schools or the Parks Department, and we are responsible for paying an ongoing mortgage for the facility.
BGSL was designed to be operated by a Board of 18 volunteers.  The number of Board Members tends to fluctuate from year to year, and as of June of 2015 we are at 17 with one lay board member.
We understand that not everyone has the time to serve as a Board Member – but we can always use any assitance of time that you are able to offer.  If you can provide that, BGSL will remain healthy and we can keep future registration prices at or near current levels.

Board Member
The BGSL Board is a great opportunity to get involved with the league. The Board has many different roles including managing league finances, managing the property and grounds, setting and maintaining the league rules and bylaws, managing the website and sponsors, managing the concession stand, and serving as a league director. The Board meets twice a month during most of the year and we are always in need of new members.

Team Manager
The Team Manger is the head coach of the team responsible for coordinating practices and games and teaching the girls the fundamentals of softball and good sportsmanship.

Team Coach
The Team Coach is an assistant coach to the Team Manager and helps with practices and games.

Team Parent
The Team Parent is a great way to get involved with the team helping to coordinate ordering of shorts and team socks as well as scheduling concession stand duties and helping in the dugout during games.

Parent Volunteer - Grounds Team
The BGSL is also looking to form a group of people able to help with the buildings and grounds upkeep.  As we all know, keeping our park manicured, presentable and clean entails many hours of mowing and weedeating—not to mention the upkeep of the diamonds themselves.  We would hope to have a dedicated group of 18-20 able bodied volunteers willing to give a little of their time to help keep our park safe and looking good for the girls, as well as the fans.