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Youth Ladder and Teams                                 

Youth Ladder - Any youth wishing to increase their playing skills and experience with match play can participate in the ladder. Varsity Ladder is held M/W/F 1:00-3:00, JV Ladder is held M/W/F from 2:00-3:00 (subject to change).  Participation on the ladder requires the player to have some match play experience.

Preseason Practice - Those players interested in participating on the Varsity Team are required to attend practices and participate in ladder matches.
Varsity Team -  The Varsity team plays inter-club matches both home and away during late June and July with a championship event at the end of July. Each weeks the top 12 players on the ladder will be selected to play inter-club matches (6 single and 3 doubles teams).  Matches are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00pm.
Junior Varsity Team -  If there is enough interest, we will have a Jr. Varsity Team and contact the other clubs to arrange inter-club matches. While the opposing Varsity team is playing at Glenbrooke our JV team plays at the site of our opponent. Parents are required to transport JV players to away matches.

Any player interested in participating on either team, please speak to the Tennis Coach at the beginning of the season.

For more information and questions email