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NorthBay Futbol Club



Policy 2010-01 Minimum Payment Requirement to Hold Team Placement

It shall be the policy of NorthBay Futbol Club (NBFC) that the minimum

registration payment allowed to guarantee team placement shall be 50% (fifty percent) of

the current registration fee. This payment shall be due within 72-hours of placement



Policy 2010-02 Refund Policy for Cancellation or Withdrawal of Player

It shall be the policy of NorthBay Futbol Club (NBFC) that within 30 (thirty) days

of registering a player, the payee may receive 50% of their payment in a refund.


Policy 2010-03 Returned Check Fee

It shall be the policy of NorthBay Futbol Club (NBFC) that any check not honored

by the payee’s bank shall result in a $25.00 (twenty-five dollar) charge in addition to the

amount of the original check. NBFC shall reserve the right to require cash or money

order as the form of payment for future transactions if 2 (two) non-sufficient funds

checks are submitted in a calendar year.


Policy 2010-04 Financial Assistance Application Submission

It shall be the policy of NorthBay Futbol Club (NBFC) that any individual

applying for Financial Assistance, do so within 30-days of registering their child (player).


Policy 2010-05 Team Names

It shall be the policy of NorthBay Futbol Club (NBFC) that in conjunction with

By-Law 2.12 (iii) the “Team Moniker” (that of a professional soccer club, academy or

team) shall not be repeated in gender. For example, there shall not be two teams in the

boys division bearing the same moniker; however, it shall be acceptable to have a boys

team and a girls team bear the same team moniker.


Policy 2010-06 Red Card

The Club recognizes that the collection of fees is essential to the survivability of the Club. As such, players who are delinquent in their account and do not make arrangements for payment shall be issued a Red Card prohibiting training and playing in upcoming games and tournaments.


Monthly fees are due on the first of the month for the current month and are considered delinquent after the fifteenth of the month. For example, July fees are due on July 1st and delinquent after July 15thAny payments made after the 15th of each month will receive a $10 late charge. Players owing a balance greater than or equal to the monthly fee for the player’s age group will be issued a red card at month-end. The balance due includes, but is not limited to, monthly fees, tournament fees, and other team expenses.


No later than the monthly Board of Directors meeting, team managers shall be given player statements that will identify players who are at risk of receiving a Red Card at the end of the month. Players who do not respond by making payment arrangements will be given a Red Card and their player pass will be collected by the Vice-President of Finance or the Club Treasurer.


The player pass will be returned to the team manager or coach when financial arrangements have been set up. Players will not be credited for training days missed and shall remain responsible for any fees that come due during the time that the Red Card policy is enforced.

There shall be no exceptions to this policy regardless of the roster, personal, or financial issues.


Revised 10-19-2011

 Policy 2010-07 Coach Compensation
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Revised 10-17-2012

Policy 2010-08 Mandatory Attendance for Board of Directors Meetings

This policy is intended to support the full contribution of all teams at monthly Board of

Directors meetings.

The Club believes that all pertinent information discussed at the Board of Directors

meetings is essential to each team. As such, the Club expects a member of each team to

attend the monthly Board of Directors meetings so as to provide input in Club decisions

and expenses as well as gather and disseminate Club information.

The club believes that with an average of 12 players per team, attendance by at least one

team representative (Team Manager, Team Treasurer or interested parent) can be

accomplished monthly.

In order to ensure mandatory attendance at each meeting, the Club proposes the following


1. First meeting missed will result in a warning from the Club Vice-President of


2. The second meeting missed will result in a $50 fine to the offending team payable

to the Club Financial Assistance account.

3. The third and subsequent offenses will result in a $100 fine to the offending team

payable to the Club Financial Assistance account.


Policy 2010-09 Play-Up Policy

NorthBay FC recognizes the potential for playing-up situations within the club. The

Club recognizes the traditional reason for promoting a player to play up is to provide the

player with a level of competition that best matches their skills. However, there may be

times when there is not an age-appropriate team or an older team needs additional


The Club hereby establishes the following eligibility and considerations:

1. The play-up must not endanger the player at the next age level.

2. Mental maturity must enable the player to compete at the next age level.

3. The player’s family must approve.

4. For highly skilled player promotions.

The Club hereby establishes reasons that are not valid for playing-up:

1. Playing up should not be a replacement for recruiting. If an older team needs

players, they need to demonstrate that they have tried recruiting and are unable to

attract players.

2. Playing up is not justified to keep a set of players together who might play

together on another team or a future team. (e.g. “They’ll play together on the

Freshman High School team, so they should be on the same competitive team.”)

3. We do not promote a player to play-up to “fill a team” as backups.

The Club hereby establishes the following process for tryouts:

1. All players will tryout with their age-appropriate age group each year. Play-up

decisions are evaluated after tryouts are complete. This allows the club to see the

number of potential players at each age level.

2. The Coaching Staff shall decide (1 person).

3. Both coaches must be involved in the review. It is desirable, but not required, that

both coaches agree.

4. The Coaching Staff shall inform the parents to obtain approval. This

communication needs to include what position(s) the player can expect to play

during the season.

5. The Executive Board must review and approve each play-up decision to ensure

that it is aligned with our Club principles.

The decision to promote a player to play up is a single year decision. It shall be reevaluated

each year. There may be a different expectation (not decision) for future years

depending on why a player is playing up.


Policy 2011-01 - Delinquent Family Accounts

It shall be the policy of NorthBay Futbol Club (NBFC) that all players’ accounts

shall be kept current. In the event, there is more than one player per family playing for

NBFC, all accounts shall be current to allow all players to continue to play.

Further, a family may not register a new family member when another family member

has a delinquent account with NBFC.


Policy 2011-02 Out of Area Teams

It shall be the policy of NorthBay Futbol Club (NBFC) that all teams shall be

coached by an NBFC approved coach who works as an independent contractor for the

Club. NBFC recognizes that as a regional soccer club offering competitive soccer

throughout the Northern Bay Area that at times we shall have teams that train in areas

outside of Solano County or our main training centers. As such, these teams shall

conform to all policies, procedures, and by-laws of the Club, regardless of where they are



Policy 2011-03 Coaching Education Reimbursement

It shall be the policy of NorthBay FC that all coaches who wish to continue their

soccer coaching education that their coaching education shall be reimbursed to them after

successful completion of their class(es). Such reimbursement shall be a minimum of

50% of the total cost of the class. Coaches shall inquire from the VP of Finance prior to registering for a class to ensure reimbursement funds are available to them. Absent prior approval reimbursement shall not occur.


Policy 2011-4 Parent Behavior Policy

At NorthBay Futbol Club, we believe that the image we present on the

sideline is very important. Other players, parents and referees often judge us by

how we behave on the sideline. Below is a list of expectations regarding sideline

behavior. Adherence to the following guidelines will help ensure a positive

experience for all of our players:


- Let the Coaches coach. Coaching by the parents from the sidelines is not

acceptable. “Coaching” includes any comment that could be heard by any

player which could be interpreted as instruction on technique, form,

positioning, tactics or strategy. Also, parents should be aware that

constantly talking to your player or other players creates distraction and

confusion. Your role on game day is to support.


Make positive comments from the sideline. We believe you will see our

players make that extra effort when they hear encouraging words from the



-Absolutely no negative comments about the other team. This includes

their players, coach and parents.


-Under no circumstances shout anything negative to the referee either

during or after the game. The coach is the only person who can

communicate with the referee. Calls will be missed and sometimes the

outcome of a game is directly affected by a bad call. However, the majority

of referees are putting forth an unbiased, honest effort and should be



-Outbursts from parents on the sideline toward the referees only signal to

our players on the field that they can blame the refs for anything that goes

wrong. Blaming others is not a formula for success in sports.


-Yelling out sarcastic comments such as “Good call, ref” or “Thanks, ref”

will only serve to alienate an official and are inappropriate.


-Do not discuss the play of specific players in front of other parents.

Negative comments and attitudes are hurtful and erode parent relations,

which are essential to the success of any team. Speak positively of each

player, family or coach. We believe this is not only important at the games,

but on the trips to the games and while at home.


-If any issues arise during a game, parents must wait for a minimum of 24

hours before discussing it with the coach. NO EXCEPTIONS!


-In the event, a parent fails to abide by these guidelines the coach will warn

the parent. If the parent’s improper behavior persists despite the warning,

the coach may instruct the parent to leave the field. The coach may also

choose to sit the player of the offending parent out of the game. In such

cases, the coach will inform the affected player that the reason for their

removal is that their parent behaved inappropriately.


At the discretion of the coach, the coach may refer the matter to the Discipline and Review. The repeated failure to abide by the policy regarding parental conduct may result in the offending parent’s player being removed from the Club without the right of refund for any amounts of money paid.


Policy 2012-1  Logo & Spirit Wear Policy:

The logo of the NorthBay Futbol Club (“the  Logo”) is considered  intellectual property and is considered proprietary.  As of the date of approval, its use shall be subject to the policies contained herein unless otherwise previously approved in writing by the NBFC Executive Board.

Only approved Vendors are allowed to produce spirit wear items.  Spirit wear is defined as all items, including apparel and merchandise that carry the Logo and/or NBFC name.  The Logo shall be applied in accordance with the conditions adopted by the Club.

Any vendor that prints or applies the Logo to any item must utilize the Logo as documented herein without alteration in color, shape or content. Vendors may change the size of the Logo as necessary, but its proportions must stay substantially correct and text must be legible.  Any persons or companies who do not comply with these policies will be removed from the Approved Vendor list and will no longer be allowed to use the Logo in any manner.

Merchandise that includes the Logo and/or Club name is considered proprietary.  All profits, risks, and responsibility for these items remain with the Club.  All spirit wear merchandise for sale to the membership falls under the direction and control of the NBFC Board of Directors.  NBFC teams cannot use the Logo, Club identity, Club tax ID number or Club Email distribution list for any of Team fundraising efforts without prior approval of the NBFC Director of Fundraising. 

When selling Club approved and sponsored program items, players should wear Club apparel (uniform/warm-up, spirit wear) to represent NBFC.  Teams may not sell merchandise that is commonly considered spirit wear (pins, flags, drawstring bags, shirts, sweatshirts, bag tags, etc.) nor any NBFC apparel without prior approval of the NBFC Director of Fundraising.

Policy 2012-2 Vendor Policy

We appreciate and welcome bids from a variety of vendors and service providers and reserve the right to make purchasing decisions that best maximize the value and services for our membership. We are always interested in working with local vendors and weight is given (though not a guarantee of contract) to suppliers who have themselves supported our program.

Interested vendors shall send a request to the NBFC Executive Board for review and can do so by contacting the Club Vice-President of Administration.

Sales of merchandise shall be done in conjunction with NBFC personnel such that purchases and refunds can be tracked. 

No merchandise or use of the NBFC logo and name will be approved when used in conjunction with or making reference to:

  1. Drugs or drug paraphernalia
  2. Alcohol, alcohol consumption and/or abuse
  3. Tobacco products and usage
  4. Sexual conduct, imagery, or inferences
  5. Profanity or inappropriate insensitive language
  6. Gambling
  7. Firearms and weapons
  8. Political and religious endorsement
  9. Any other merchandise or use of the NBFC logo and name judged by the NBFC Executive Board to be inappropriate, unacceptable, or inconsistent with the ideals of NBFC.

To avoid a conflict of interest, the appearance of a conflict of interest, or the need for our members to examine the ethics of acceptance, our Coaches and its Directors shall not accept gifts from vendors, suppliers, customers, potential members, potential vendors or suppliers, or any other individual or organization, under any circumstances.

Policy 2012-3   Volunteer  Policy

NorthBay Futbol Club recognizes that as a non-profit organization we depend heavily on volunteers. As such, all families will be required to volunteer ten (10) hours per year for Club related functions. Families who choose not to fulfill their hours will be financially responsible for payment of  $300. NBFC will track all volunteer hours and credit those who fulfill their hours.

The following positions are hereby exempt from the $300 payment as their responsibility fulfills all necessary time requirements: Any Board Member, Team Manager.

It shall be the parent’s responsibility to return all volunteer slips to NBFC for processing. All volunteer slips must be signed by a board member  to get credit for hours


Policy 2017-1 Injury Policy

This policy provides the necessary structure for the provision of allowing the NorthBay Futbol Club (NBFC) to suspend an injured player’s Financial Obligations to the club.  

General Recitals  

  • NBFC members agreed to a year's financial obligation when they accepted a spot on the team. 
  • Membership and Financial Obligation agreements are to be understood and signed within one (1) month of accepting a spot on a team.  
  • Injuries during NBFC-sanctioned events are possible and players who suffer an injury may not be able to participate in league, state cup, tournaments, and training as a result of an injury.  
  • Appropriate medical documentation will be required and only injuries during NBFC-sanctioned events will be considered under this policy.  
  • NBFC recognizes that an appropriate policy is needed to guide the decision making surrounding the player injury and financial obligations to the club.  
  • The NBFC Executive Director, Vice President of Operations, and Vice President of Administrations shall be designated as the club representatives responsible for enforcing and implementing this policy.  
  • A player injured at a “NBFC sanctioned event” may petition one of the designated club representatives for a waiver of their financial obligations starting with the 3rd month of the players injury if the injury results in the player being unable to train or participate in league or tournament matches for a period of time exceeding two (2) months.  
  • “NBFC-sanctioned events” shall only include sanctioned team training, NorCal league matches (fall, winter, or spring), state cup matches, and team attended tournament matches.  
  • When petitioning for a waiver, the petitioning player must submit medical documentation supporting the inability of the player to participate for a period longer than two (2) months.  
  • Any request for a waiver must be approved by at least two of the three designated club representatives. 
  • If a waiver is granted the player shall not be authorized to participate in any athletic club sanctioned event, but are allowed to attend but not participate in training and games until they receive medical clearance, which must include a note from their medical provider stating they are healthy to participate, and starting with the 3rd month will not have to pay their club dues, in accordance with the board approved payment schedule, until cleared by their medical provider. 
  • Upon receiving clearance to participate in club sanctioned events from their medical provider the player shall immediately begin paying their dues in accordance with the board approved payment schedule. 
  • No months shall be prorated when implementing this policy.  
  • Injuries resulting from guest playing outside of NBFC are NOT covered as part of this Policy (e.g. playing for another Club).  
  • A player who suffers an injury during an NBFC-sanctioned event must be in good financial standing prior to receiving a waiver from their financial obligation as part of this Policy.  
  • All medical documentation must be specific to the injury in question and any additional documentation (Physical Therapy, Status & Follow-Up with primary medical doctor/team) must be submitted upon request of a designated club representative. Handling of Reported Violations 
  • The Club VP of Administrations shall address all reported concerns/violations and shall immediately notify the NBFC Executive Board within ten business days, of reported concerns/violations. 
  • All reported concerns/violations will be promptly investigated by Club VP Administration and appropriate corrective action will be recommended to the Board of Directors if warranted by the investigation. In addition, action taken must include a conclusion and/or follow-up with the complainant for complete closure of the concern.  
  • Anyone reporting a concern must act in good faith and have reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed indicates improper conformance to the policy. The act of making allegations that prove to be unsubstantiated, and that prove to have been made maliciously, recklessly, or with the foreknowledge that the allegations are false, will be viewed as a serious disciplinary offense and may result in discipline, up to and including dismissal from NBFC. 
  • All reports of concerns/violations, and investigations pertaining thereto, shall be kept confidential to the extent possible, consistent with the need to conduct an adequate investigation. Disclosure of reports of concerns to individuals not involved in the investigation will be viewed as a serious disciplinary offense and may result in discipline, up to and including dismissal from NBFC. Such conduct may also give rise to other actions, including civil lawsuits. 
  • All medical documentation provided in support of a player’s petition shall be kept strictly confidential.