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Updated 11/2018

Member families are expected to abide by all policies and procedures detailed below. Failure to do so will result in possible dismissal from Intrepid.

I. The Intrepid Team Selections Philosophy

Players will be evaluated at tryouts in the following categories: Stick Skills (both dominant and non-dominant), Field Sense and Anticipation, Communication, Speed and Footwork, and Overall Athleticism. We develop complete lacrosse players, so although you may have a preferred position on the field, every player should be open to playing all positions because that is how you truly develop into a triple-threat player. College coaches also evaluate players as complete lacrosse players rather than at one sole position so versatility will maximize your recruitment options. For this reason, we retain the 18 best field players and 2 best goalies for each roster. You will be expected to work to improve your ability at all applicable positions and will play in all positions at practices and tourneys as required. This commitment to developing complete players has lead to 12 years of recruiting success at the HS level and 90% retention rate at the college level since 2013.

The Intrepid membership fee includes all practices and tournaments unless indicated otherwise as well as recruiting support and supplies.  A uniform package is provided for a separate fee.
Complete uniform packages are purchased by players upon their initial entry into a particular area of programming.  For example, elite players will purchase their practice pinnie and full game uniform upon their entry into Elite programming.  Travel Middle School players will purchase their pinnie and shorts
 upon their initial entry into the MS program.  Additional uniform packages are available for purchase each year. If a uniform becomes damaged or shows excessive wear, it is the player’s responsibility to purchase a new uniform package immediately.
The full membership fees for all Intrepid players/teams are non-transferable.  Players who are selected, confirmed and then are unable to follow-thru with their commitment for any reason will lose any fees paid. Refunds will not be made to a player who cannot attend a practice or tournament. If tournament is canceled, Intrepid will make every effort to find an alternative option. Refunds will only be provided if a tourney provides a refund to the registered clubs. If an Intrepid team cannot attend a scheduled tournament due to a lack of overall player commitment, every effort will be made to find an alternative event. Credits will only be provided in the event that no alternative event is possible.
It is our expectation that players that accept a roster spot on an Intrepid Team will make that team their sole lacrosse focus during the club season.  Participation in another travel team concurrently may be cause for release from Intrepid with no refund.
All balances must be paid by DUE dates to allow for processing prior to the start of practice and tournaments. Players who fail to meet the payment guidelines will not be eligible for participation in club activities until their account is brought current.
For Elite HS registrants Rising Senior thru Rising Freshmen: $500 is due at the time of tryouts if you are extended and accept an invitation.  An additional $700 payment is due February 15th.  The final $600 is due May 1st.

For Travel MS: $300 is due at registration and the $200 balance is due by March 15th.  
For any registration completed after April 1st, all fees are due at time of registration.
If any questions regarding registration, please contact Becky Luzier at 

If any questions regarding financials/payments, please contact Brian Kattan at brian.kattan@gmail.com

Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments. Playing time at tournaments will be affected by attendance at practice. Lacrosse camp attendance is an exception. Players are expected to make coaches aware of absences via email prior to their occurence.
Players are expected to be ready to begin practice at the published start time.  Players are required to bring goggles, mouth-guard, uniform, a legal stick and a filled water bottle to all practices and tournaments.  Coaches will expect every player to work to the best of their ability and bring a positive and coachable attitude with them to all Intrepid Events.  Parents can support their daughter’s development by setting the standard of treating the coaches with respect and supporting their decisions and efforts to make your daughter the very best lacrosse player and young woman she can be.
US Lacrosse membership is required without exception. Please visit 
www.uslacrosse.org to become a member or renew your membership.  Memberships must be renewed annually.
It is the parents responsibility to provide practice and tournament transportation.  Intrepid does not subsidize tournament travel costs and families are solely responsible for a player’s travel to and from events.
All travel events require that a parent or guardian sign a waiver, whether it be a paper form or and online rostering process.  This information will be communicated to all families and it is each family’s responsibility to ensure they complete the roster process.  Failure to do so will render a player ineligible to participate in tourney play.
Intrepid will reserve a room block at all out-of-town tournaments.  It is the parent's responsibility to make hotel reservations. Hotel blocks are time sensitive and reservations should be made far in advance of the tourney date.  Once the hotel block has expired, the club cannot provide any assistance in attaining a discounted rate at the host hotel or any other hotel.
Intrepid will provide a tent at all tournaments.  A Head Parent will help organize food and items to be brought to the team tent.  All families are expected to contribute.
Possession and/or use of illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms or explosive devices; or breaking curfew will not be tolerated. Such actions can result in a player being removed from the club without refund. The board of directors will be the final arbiter of all disciplinary action pertaining to the aforementioned infractions.
Neither players nor parents are permitted to denigrate Intrepid club members or their family, our coaches and board members, umpires, opponents and spectators during team events.
Any and all questions, suggestions or complaints about an Intrepid coach or any administrative matters should be directed in writing to our Club Director, Becky Luzier.
Club communication will primarily be made via the web site and email. It is the player's and parents responsibility to check the web site and their email regularly for updates, schedule changes and other time-sensitive information.  A lot of information is disseminated via the websiteemail system, so please be sure to adjust your spam settings and be mindful of your spam folder.  One suggestion is to create an email folder to save all club correspondence in.  The ability to quickly review what has already been communicated will enable families to better navigate the club activities throughout the year.


Sideline Behavior

Parents should keep in mind that their behavior on the sidelines is a reflection of themselves, their daughter, the coaching staff, and the club organization as a whole. Inappropriate or distracting behaviors on the sideline may serve to hinder your daughter’s development as well as her recruiting process. College coaches pay particular attention to the way parents behave on the sideline and make notes regarding their interest in recruiting a particular athlete accordingly. Additionally, coaching your daughter from the sideline can be distracting and confusing to her and her teammates as they struggle to decide whose ideas/plan they should execute. Encouragement is definitely welcome, but if you have questions about what the girls are being coached to do on the field, we suggest you talk to your daughter and find out ways you can support the game plan from the sideline.


Communication Expectations

Parents should not approach coaches to debate playing time, either in person or via telephone, immediately before, during or after a practice and/or game. Discussions during times of high emotions do not promote resolution of issues.

If a parent has a concern with the athlete’s playing time or position, they should follow the chain of command set forth below:

1 – Athlete should address question to coaching staff.

2 – Parent and athlete should request a meeting with the coach or coaching staff in advance.

3 – Parent, athlete, and coach will meet with the Director.


Parent/Coach Relationship

Communication/Information Coaches (Or Administrators) Should Provide to Parents:

— Coach’s expectations of players and their parents

— Locations and times of all practices and contests

— Team requirements (i.e. special equipment, off­season conditioning, etc.)


Communication / Information Parents Should Provide to Coaches:

— Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance

— Specific concerns in regard to the coach’s expectations of their child

— Information regarding player injuries and medical condition


Appropriate Concerns for Parents to Discuss with Coaches:

— Coaching style in relation to their child's needs/personality

— Ways to help their child improve


Concerns NOT Appropriate to Discuss with Coaches:

— Team strategy

— Play calling

— Other student athletes