It is our mission at New Fairfield Baseball to provide an opportunity for all kids ages 4 through 15 to participate in playing baseball in a meaningful way. We strive to teach the kids the rules and strategies of the game, increase self-esteem by develop

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NFB Baseball is announcing its 2019 Travel Baseball Tryout


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NFB 2019 Travel Baseball Information


Travel Baseball Tryouts –


Youth travel tryouts will be held at All Star Batting Cage located at 1120 Federal Rd, Brookfield CT 06804. Registration for the tryouts is up and running REGISTRATION - **Registration deadline is February 3rd**. Please note that travel tryouts will have a $40 registration fee (the 8yr old tryout fee is $20... they only have one tryout date). This fee helps offset the cost of the All Star Batting Cage rental and All Star Batting Cage instructors. In order to be considered for your age group's team you must be present at one of the two tryouts. It is beneficial for the player to be at both tryouts, as we will use the player’s better evaluation in the process of choosing the two teams. In the tryout every player will be put through basic drills and tests to evaluate their ability in each one of these components - hand eye coordination, arm strength/accuracy, speed, and overall power. For example, one of the tests will be a timed 10-5-10 agility run, giving the coaches an accurate measure of the players’ speed. The selection of the teams will be based on the players’ performance in the tryouts. All players will be giving an evaluation score in each drill/test. Those scores will be totaled giving each player an overall tryout score. The top 12 players per age group will be selected for that age group's team.


The 13 year old to 15yr old players will have the opurtunity to play in the Danbury Babe Ruth League. NFB has combined efforts with Danbury to help continue the development of our players through the spring, summer and fall season. All interested In-house and Travel players that are 13yrs old and up should register in Danbury.


*** Please note... Implementation of USABat standard begins on January 1, 2018. New Fairfield Baseball must comply with the new bat standard for the 2018 travel tryouts. New Fairfield Baseball will provide several approved bats at the tryouts if you do not have an approved 2018 USABat. For more inforamation on the USABat standards please visit this website 


Dates and times...

  • 8yr old player -
  • 9yr old players - Monday February 25th & Wednesday February 27th 5:15-6:45pm
  • 10yr old players -
  • 11yr old players - Monday February 25th & Wednesday February 27th 6:45-8:15pm
  • 12yr old players -


Important info --


  • Travel Baseball Tryouts will be held at All Star Batting Cage located at 1120 Federal Rd, Brookfield CT 06804
  • Please try your best to be on time for check in. We need the tryouts to start on time in order to give every player an opportunity for a fair tryout.
  • Parents are to check their child in and wait outside the training area. Parents are not allowed in the training area.
  • Please make sure to bring all your baseball equipment and come dressed appropriately for baseball.


Mission Statement – The NFB Travel Baseball Program shall provide a quality environment that promotes instruction, advancement, sportsmanship, teamwork and an overall love for the game necessary for a competitive travel baseball program for the youth of our community and beyond.


Goal – NFB Travel Program is committed to provide our athletes an environment in which they can improve the skills they will need to play at the high school and college level. They will understand the importance in developing a program that drives to be successful at the high school baseball level in New Fairfield. We will have a team at the 8yr old, 9yr old, 10yr old, 11yr old, and 12yr old age level



Program Overview:

Team(s) Selections

Travel teams are selected after an open tryout, which will be conducted in late February or early March for players’ baseball age 8 to 12. All dates and times will be posted and sent via email to all players. **Note – teams picked during winter tryouts will remain in place for that baseball season (including fall). If a travel player decides not to play fall baseball (i.e. plays another sport in the fall), a step by step process will be used to fill any open spots as determined by the travel commissioner for the fall season **(please see the fall section below explaining the process in selecting open spots for the fall team) . The travel commissioner may also expand the roster or merge age groups for fall baseball at their discretion. Tryouts will be organized and run by the Travel Commissioners, and players will be evaluated by impartial, certified coaches of New Fairfield Baseball.  There are NO pre-picked positions on these teams including returning players, and the best representative team will be selected on their ability.


Spring/Summer -

Travel teams should anticipate on playing 20-25 games, plus 2 to 3 practices a week. Practices will start after the teams are chosen in early March and run concurrent with "In-House". Please note that all High School age players will join their travel team when the High School seasons concludes (this is a CIAC State Rule and cannot be broken).


Fall -

The fall season starts in late August and will run through late October. Anticipate playing 12 to 14 games (weekends only), plus 1 to 2 practices a week (weeknights or weekends).

The step by step process in selecting players for open spots:

First, any opening will be offered to the players that attended the winter travel tryouts. Second, the players will be offered a spot on the fall team based on the order they were graded during the winter tryouts. (for example... the 12yr old travel team has 2 open spots, those 2 spots would be filled by the 13th and 14th ranked players from the previous winter travel tryouts). If we still have spots available after this process we will set up a fall tryout to all eligible players for that age group. The league will send notice to all of these players in a timely fashion.



We plan to incorporate professional training provided by All Star Inc. All teams will benefit from this exposer. The goal is to have these instructors run practices alongside the coaching staff and/or provide multi-team training sessions during the season. This will help promote skill development, knowledge of the game, conditioning, sportsmanship, and teamwork.


Commitment Rules -

All players are expected to exhibit what is called “Championship Behavior”.  This means players must display high standards of behavior and exemplify good sportsmanship. Parents and family members of these players must also commit to the same level of high standards of good behavior and attitude during all team activities. The New Fairfield Baseball Board reserves the right to revoke the privilege of any player/person to participate in the New Fairfield Travel Baseball Program, who does not conduct himself/herself in an acceptable manner. Violation of rules will result in discipline. Discipline may include but is not limited to:

  • Game and/or practice suspension

  • Team suspension

  • Team removal

The following rules and regulations will apply to all players:

  • Players must attend and be punctual to all practices and games as scheduled.

  • Absence from team activities due to medical or family obligations are acceptable when approved in advance by the team’s coach. (**Note – vacations, weekend getaways, etc. Do not fall under family obligations)

Unexcused absences may result in suspension as follows:

  • Missing one game - suspension from the next game

  • Missing two consecutive practices - suspension from the next game

  • Missing practice prior to the day of a game - the player will not start the next contest. Coach reserves the right not to play the child.  

Important Information regarding the 12yr old players -

New Fairfield Baseball offers the 12yr old players the opportunity to play in the Cooperstown Dreams Park National Baseball Tournament. 

Cooperstown Dreams Park National Baseball Tournament - 

  • The 12yr old Cooperstown team is comprised of players who make the 11yr old Travel Team from the prior year. Meaning that this year’s 11yr old travel tryout is also a tryout for next years 12yr old Cooperstown Dreams Park Team.
  • The reason the team is picked the prior year is to help the team offset the cost of the tournament. They will need to start fundraising 16 months prior to the tournament. This team will need to fundraise $18,000-$20,000 for the players and coaches.
  • Please note... The 11yr old Travel Team has nothing to do with the following year's 12yr old travel team. NFB feels that a two year commitment for the district/travel team is not fair.


Q & A:

1)        What league do the travel teams play in? The travel players will represent our town at the district tournament with the hope of them moving on to state and national play (limited to certain age groups by Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth Baseball). They will play in a few tournaments like the Memorial Day Weekend Tournament and the Jimmy Fund Tournament. They will also be committed to a high level league such as the Greater Hudson Valley Baseball "A" or "B" League.

3)       Will my child be able to play football come August if he/she is on the travel team? YES, but baseball is your first priority. The NF Football Program has made many accommodations for the travel player. Football will allow you to make up missed practice time.

4)       What is the fee of the two programs? There is a small fee for the tryout (the fee will change from year to year), this fee helps offset the cost of the All Star Batting Cage rental and All Star Batting Cage instructors. The anticipated cost per player is $300 to $350 (8yr-12yr old). The program costs include League and Tourney Fees, Umpire Fees, Baseballs, Equipment, Uniforms, Field Maintenance, and Utilities.

5)       What is the playing time rule for the two programs? The travel program must realize that equal play is not guaranteed. During regular season league play the coach will do his/her best to give everyone an equal share of playing time. During tournament play the coach will create a line-up that will give the team the best possible chance in winning the game/tournament. The travel program will hold players accountable for missed games and practices with regards to playing time.

6)       What age level is my child eligible for? 

            Birth dates from May 1st 2010 to April 30th 2011 are eligible for the 8yr old age level.

·      Birth dates from May 1st 2009 to April 30th 2010 are eligible for the 9yr old age level.

·      Birth dates from May 1st 2008 to April 30th 2009 are eligible for the 10yr old age level. 

·      Birth dates from May 1st 2007 to April 30th 2008 are eligible for the 11yr old age level.

·      Birth dates from May 1st 2006 to April 30th 2007 are eligible for the 12yr old age level.

7)      What is the Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournament? One of the best tournaments for 12u youth baseball players is Cooperstown Dreams Park in Cooperstown, New York. It provides the opportunity for every baseball player (12u) to spend a week living their dream. The tournament is a week long competition, with approximately 100 teams from all over the United States competing against each other. The cost of the tournament is $995 per player/coach (Cooperstown Dreams Park establishes the price and is subject to change year to year). The price includes a skills challenge, 7 games (minimum), uniforms, room and board for the week. This is a great baseball experience for the players, coaches, and the entire family. You can find more information on the tournament at