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WYB will update the websites of sports whose scheduled events are affected by weather.  This includes sports played outside, when weather affects field conditions or player safety, and sports played inside, when weather affects safe transit to the sport.  The website of each sport should be the first place to look for weather-related information.


To check the status of fields operated by the Worthington Parks and Recreation Department or the Worthington School District, call 614-786-7366.

To check the status of fields operated by Columbus Parks and Recreation, call 614-645-7246.  

In rare circumstances, a field may be open even though the weather line indicates that it is closed.  In that event, your coach or commissioner will inform you.

In the event of storm: 

At the first sight of lightning or sound of thunder, the official or coach in charge will suspend play.  Play cannot commence until 30 minutes after the last sight of lightning or sound of thunder.  All players and coaches must clear the field and seek safe shelter. 

In the event of rain once the game has started: 

Once a game starts, the licensed official in charge determines whether field conditions are safe for play.  If a licensed official is not in charge, the coaches shall confer and determine whether the fields are safe for play.   If either coach deems the field to be unsafe, then the game is cancelled.