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Every member of Worthington Youth Boosters is responsible for protecting our participants and ensuring their safety and well-being while involved in all activities.
Worthington Youth Boosters is committed to providing a safe environment for its members and participants. We are now requiring that our volunteers pass a background check before being permitted to act as a coach to our participants. If you have volunteered to coach and/or assist a team or group of WYB participants, you may be asked to submit personal information for the background check. Future Background Checks may be requested at random, or based on reasonable suspicion. No one shall be required to undergo a background check more than 1 time in a 1 year period. When you are asked to complete a background check, an e-mail will be sent to you with instructions on how to complete the online form. The information you will be required to provide are as follows…

First, Middle and Last Name
Date of Birth
Social Security Number

Worthington Youth Boosters has no access to your social security number once it is entered. It is kept safe with a third party organization that provides the results. The below convictions will disqualify an individual from volunteering with the Worthington Youth Boosters. WYB reserves the right to allow or refuse any individual the ability to coach a team in any sports program for any reason, regardless of this policy and the below disqualifiers.

1. Any sort of abuse or assault/battery — physical or sexual
2. Rape
3. Any crime of a sexual nature, including possession or dissemination of pornography
4. Homicide or manslaughter in any degree
5. Attempted murder
6. Domestic violence
7. Child neglect
8. Felony drug crimes
9. Animal cruelty
10. Theft/robbery
11. Forgery/fraud
12. Kidnapping
13. Arson
14. Weapons violations
15. Any crime, misdemeanor or felony, involving children as either an accomplice or victim
16. Has been convicted during the past 5 years of any of the following offenses:• Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
• Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
• Misdemeanor violations of the Controlled Substance Act

17. Has been twice convicted for misdemeanor offenses of 4th degree or higher in the past five years.If any individual wishes to challenge the results of a background check, a letter of “Adverse Action” may be sent to the Executive Director of the Worthington Youth Boosters at .
Thank you for helping keep our community a safe play for kids to participate in sports.
- The Worthington Youth Boosters Board of Directors