MARA COLTS Football is a non-profit organization that provides life enriching athletic opportunities to children. . MARA COLTS FOOTBALL makes a positive difference in the lives of youth in our community.

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Refund Policy – 


First, we want to say thank you for participating in the MARA Colts Pop Warner Football Program. The refund policy is that there will be No Refunds – No Exceptions after July 1.  However, before July 1, full refunds will be issued (minus a $75 administrative fee).  This was a difficult, but necessary decision.  It was made for the following reasons:

  • Teams are a combination of returning players to a specific team and players selected in a draft. The draft is completed after coaches had a chance to evaluate players’ abilities at assessments and select players based on team needs. Players withdrawing from a team may create an imbalance to the team that may make it difficult for them to compete on the field during the playing season.


  • Many players do not want to pay until they see if they make their middle school teams. Practices start at MARA at the beginning of August. Middle School teams are not selected until the beginning of September. Therefore there will be a month of intensive condition training and practices that these players will attend at MARA before they decide if they are going to stay. (In other words, these players will be trained and conditioned for free if they withdraw from MARA and receive a refund.)

  • During this month of August practices, MARA coaches are determining what position players will be playing on the team and players who withdraw (to play middle school football or for any other reason) create an imbalance to the team right at the beginning of MARA’s competitive season (which is at the beginning of September).


  • There is a tremendous amount of paperwork that needs to be handled and completed (by both volunteers and the one paid MARA staff) in order to register a player for Pop Warner football. To do so unnecessarily, when a player will most probably quit before the season starts, is too costly to do for free, for an organization like MARA (a not-for-profit).

Player’s football equipment must be ordered long before the season starts, so players who withdraw from the league and receive a refund just before the season starts will actually cost MARA money. Many things, like the personalized jerseys can never be used again.  Since MARA is a not-for-profit organization, it cannot afford to continue absorbing these costs.


Players will be permitted to be on a school roster and Pop Warner roster simultaneously without being an ineligible player.  Players may NOT play on both teams simultaneously but if a player leaves the middle school team or completes the season with the middle school team, that player may return to the Pop Warner team without penalty.  Players may rejoin their Pop Warner team anytime before the third Monday in October. We encourage parents and players that are considering middle school play to contact us to discuss the policy change.



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