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Goals & Objectives

Many soccer clubs and youth sports organizations may profess to have the same general goal of helping their members reach their athletic potential; the reality is that few organizations have a plan in place and the vision necessary to ensure that the children in their organization meet their goals.

NorthBay FC believes that a developmental approach means that the coaches must always keep the long term improvement of the players and the team at the forefront of all decisions that impact the athletes in the organization. To meet this goal, we believe that the organization must have expert level soccer coaches who possess a thorough understanding of the many factors that affect learning and development for young children. A player developmental approach also means that all of the coaches recognize that soccer is a fun activity that enriches the lives of those who play. NorthBay FC knows that young children are still young children no matter how talented they may seem to be to their parents and to their peers. A player developmental approach means that the coaches understand that young players need to have a FUN and challenging soccer environment, not simply a challenging soccer environment.

NorthBay FC’s player development approach means that we are unwavering in our commitment to the long term approach with every player and with every team. This is a soccer club for players who have the desire to improve and for players who love the game of soccer. We will do the best job possible to nurture and develop your child's growth as a young athlete and as a responsible teammate.

One of the things that NorthBay FC focuses on is a high level of quality coaching and teaching. We believe strongly in paying special attention to the youth player because the U7-U10 years are critical years in which players need to develop a solid technical skills foundation. In order to help players improve their skills and at the same time enjoy the game to its fullest extent, young children need qualified and expert level coaches. To be a successful youth coach for U7-U10 players, the youth coach must know more than the rules of the game and how to play soccer. The youth coach must also understand the players and the technical aspect of the game.

When a NorthBay FC coach sets up any practice or training goal for the U9 or U10 player, he/she is careful to consider all of the factors that affect the learning environment for the young player. We believe that just as an elementary teacher must be cognizant of the intellectual capabilities and emotional needs of their students, a good youth coach must understand the cognitive limits of the U7 to U10 player. Moreover, the coach must be aware of the psycho-motor developmental traits of most 7, 8, 9 and 10-year-olds. Coaches must also understand the psychosocial characteristics common to kids of this age. Without a broad and deep understanding of the characteristics common to players of this age, the coach will set unrealistic goals for players and for teams. In the long run, any approach to youth coaching that does not take account of the unique characteristics of young children will discourage children and take the fun out of the game.

Few soccer organizations take as much pride in their teaching and coaching of the young player as NorthBay  FC. Every new club parent should feel confident that the organization is constantly revising our training plan to ensure that his/her U9 and U10 players will have fun each day, and at the same time receive the best age-appropriate instruction.

In sum, the NorthBay FC player development philosophy is a long term approach. It means keeping winning in perspective and it means focusing on the bigger picture of giving each of our player’s challenges for each season and every year.

NorthBay FC Player Development Outline:

• Activities for children's participation which focus on involvement with the ball and insure fun
• Every player has a ball for practice
• Players exposed to playing every position
• Rules and equipment modification according to the player's age group
• Activities designed to maximize the number of touches on the ball and refine their technical abilities
• Activities designed to introduce and increase the opportunities for tactical awareness
• De-emphasize winning and losing, emphasize player development
• The appropriate balance between training and competition

NorthBay FC believes that young players need to play soccer in an environment that gives them the freedom to simply have fun and explore the game with an unabashed creativity and spontaneity. U8, U9 and U10 players who join NorthBay Elite F.C. will thrive in our player developmental and child-centered approach. At NorthBay FC we do our very best to help players improve without taking any of the fun and individual creativity out of the game of soccer.