Camden Midstate Lacrosse Club: Mission StatementRevolution Mission Statement It is the goal of Camden Midstate Lacrosse Club to foster the development of our members by teaching the values of responsibility, respect, sportsmanship and teamwork.

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Guidelines for playing above player’s age group
US Lacrosse discourages players from playing above their age group.
A parent must present CMSLC with a written letter stating why they feel their child should play non-age appropriate.  This must be received 2 weeks prior to the start of the spring practice.  Player practices with age appropriate team until evaluations are made.  Board members will vote, 3 of 5 must agree to allow player to move up.  A decision must be made one week prior to the first game. However a decision can be made before then.
  • Player must be able to heavily contribute to the next level.
  • Player must physically be able to handle the next level.
  • Player must mentally and emotionally be able to fit in at the next level.
  • Player must have exceptional stick skills compared to current level, should be confident with both hands.
  • Player must have an advanced “Lacrosse IQ” to move up to the next level.
A player will not be moved if current team has less than 20 players in the current age group.
A player can only play full time for one age group.  A player should not play in two age groups if it takes playing time from others.
If an older team has low numbers and needs more players to form a team, players from the team below may be moved up, if the numbers allow it.  Both CMSLC and the parents of the player(s) moving must agree for this to happen.