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How to Get Dressed Video

You Signed up - Drove to the Rink - Now What?

First thing you do when you get to the rink for a practice or game is to find out what locker room your team is in. 

Parents are not allowed in the locker rooms.  Ok for MINI-MITES and MITES - Wean your SQUIRTS and definitely not acceptable at PEEWEE and up.  So head for the concession stand and order a hot cocoa.

For the first timer, these steps will get you dressing like a pro in no time.

Player should be in a T-shirt, Long Sleeve shirt or long underwear top, whatever is comfy.
1) Cup and Supporter over boxer shorts. There are boxer shorts with cup/supporter and velcro for attaching the socks. Great for Mini's!  Blue Jeans are unacceptable undergarments.
2) Skate Socks (two pairs is not necessary - especially since the skates fit properly- RIGHT?!)
Some players prefer skating without socks.  Beginning hockey players won't be able to tell the difference, and the the better players who could tell, probably aren't reading this article on how to get dressed.
3) Shin Pads
4) Hockey Socks (don't tape them yet)
5) Garter Belt (attach to socks)
6) Pants
***** If dressing at home, stop here and finish at the rink****
7) Skates (now you can tape the shin pads)
8) Shoulder Pads
9) Elbow Pads
10) Sweater (jersey)
11) Helmet
12) Gloves
13) Grab your Stick and Have FUN!

Allow players 15 - 30 minutes to dress before they are ready for the ice.  Please be early, dressing young players can be VERY stressfull and we are here to have FUN.  Don't spoil your players' fun by showing up late and rushing them to get dressed