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 Minor League (Grades 3 & 4)




Minor League (Grades 3 & 4)

Competition increases in the Minor League, as skill development is further emphasized.  However, teamwork, sportsmanship and enjoyment of baseball are, as always, the first priorities.

Third grade teams are composed only of third grade players and fourth grade teams only of fourth grade players.  Fourth grade games will sometimes be played at Jefferson Field, and some of these games may be played at night under the lights to increase excitement for both the players and the spectators.

Everyone registered is assigned to a team. The skill evaluation sessions and draft are used to develop parity among teams in order to ensure a more enjoyable and competitive baseball season. 

Standings are kept throughout the season, and each team will participate in playoffs at the end of the season.  Fourth grade playoffs are "double elimination", making for a very exciting ending to the season.
Cost: $200. Players are provided hat and team jersey.