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Attention Team Coaches
For the 2011 - 2012 Season

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the documents page of this website. There you will find information and forms for tournaments, as well as instructions for collecting funds from your teams. Questions should be directed to Erin Onken @ .

You will be assigned a password for your
 Team's official page.

Here you can submit "Team Specific News".
How "up-to-date" your Team information is will be up to you or a designated parent of that team.

You can communicate game info, practice info, and other info such as tournaments or fees you need to collect from parents.  Manager's and Coaches will also be able to view your team's email list and you will be able to email your respective parents and players for pertinent information.

To make this work we need all parents, coaches, and team manager's to register online:
Register Here
Follow the instructions and list your email and title (manager/coach/asst. coach/parent)

Thank you and if anyone has any problems feel free to contact me:  TBD






For any
accident/injury, please use the Injury Report Form located here.

Check Request and Funds Admittance forms are now available in the Documents section of the website.