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Mahopac Lacrosse
37th Year Anniversary 
8th Annual Alumni Game!

Date:                    06/13/2020

Alumni Game:     Pending

Location:             Mahopac High School, Stadium Turf Field 
Beginning in 1983, Mahopac has a long rich history of developing strong competitive lacrosse teams as well as talented and charismatic players. This year, Mahopac Lacrosse celebrates its 36th Year Anniversary (1983-2019) with an alumni game that will bring old friends, coaches, and fans together to relive the good ol’ times and make some new memories.
More importantly, it provides an opportunity for former players to give back to the lacrosse community by inspiring young athletes and raising funds to help make the program stronger. All money raised will go to helping the MSA Youth Lacrosse programs, the Varsity & Junior Varsity teams, and also be donated back to various scholarship funds that have helped players throughout the years. The fee also includes a sweet Mahopac Lacrosse Alumni shooting shirt to wear during the game!
Thank You
Registration Information

Contact and registration information pending

Participants will need to register on-line with Mahopac Sports Association at MSASports.org / Boys Lacrosse/ Alumni for insurance purposes and complete a Hold Harmless Release when you check in on game day. You may pay your game donation by credit card when you complete your on-line registration or on game day by check or cash.
Registration Fee: $50           
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Any questions please contact Coach Donnelly at or    


2020 Alumni Game
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I,  ____________________________, am familiar with the risks inherent in participation in the Mahopac/MSA Alumni Lacrosse game and all activities before and after associated with the game.  I hereby release MSA Lacrosse and Mahopac Central Schools, its successors, assignees, officers, agents, and employees from any and all claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever in any way growing out of or resulting from the participation in the game and/or related activities before and after the game. I hereby authorize the organizers of the event to act for me according to his best judgment in an emergency requiring medical attention.



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*Event subject to change